Five Ways to Grow a Successful Contracting Business


Freelance contractors are absolutely necessary for the construction industry – without them, most of our homes and offices would be literally falling apart. As a result, anybody wanting to start their own contracting business can be sure of a lucrative opportunity. Whether you are already working in the industry or it’s something that you are hoping to get into, read on for some ways that you can build a contracting business that’s going to grow and be successful.

Improve Your Own Knowledge and Skills:

Whether you have a lot of experience behind you or you’re just starting out in the industry, working to improve your own knowledge and skills is a wise idea – you can transfer these over to the business and use them to make sure that you’re taking the right steps when it comes to providing customer satisfaction. ZOTA professional training offers a wide range of courses and programs that you can take to boost certain skills and gain additional qualifications in areas such as mold certification, lead renovation and more.

Operate Using Best Business Practices:

Agreeing on what are considered to be best practices in the industry is one of the biggest problems that contractors run into when they attempt to improve their business and boost efficiency. After all, most people will have some sort of system in place that has worked well for them so far. So, make sure that you are using the systems that you prefer for all operations including bookkeeping, invoicing, scheduling and advertising, and ensure that any employees are provided with step-by-step instructions for using them.

Regularly Assess Your Business:

Once you’ve settled on systems that use the best practices for your business, you should regularly conduct comprehensive assessments of your company. Ask some important questions, such as is your business financially stable? Are you getting customer referrals and repeat sales? What’s your employee turnover looking like? How do your customers rate you? Find the answers that you need by paying attention to any buzz about your company online, listening to customers, and reviewing your books.

Make Yourself Available to Customers:

When it comes to customer service, bear in mind that your customers will want to speak to an actual human during business hours, rather than solely dealing with chatbots and automated messages – although these can be useful in their own way. Being available to your customers when they need to speak to you is necessary if you want to avoid losing them to your competitors, so set your business calls to go to your cell phone if you’re out working or have somebody available to take calls. And, make sure that your business hours are clearly stated on any business cards, website, social media pages and more.

Boost Your Marketing:

Last but not least, in order to run a successful contracting business, you’ll need to step up your marketing game. A successful marketing campaign means connecting with your customers – you will need a strong online presence and be sure to regularly interact with your audience through a variety of different channels including email, blog posts, social media and more.

Offering quality work and great customer service plus working to continuously assess and improve your company is key.


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