What are the latest trends in staircase design for your home?



Many people will redecorate the rooms in their home every few years, but the staircase often is neglected and left untouched for many years.

Most home have a staircase to get between floors but these can be made to be a great feature of your home. There are many materials that you can use with wood being the most traditional material used. One of the latest trends in staircase design is to combine wood with glass to create stunning staircase designs. Glass combined with oak offers beauty and simplicity which brings a touch of class to the staircase. Combining glass balustrades with solid oak handrails create a timeless look and brings traditional carpentry in to the 21st century and makes the staircase the focal point of the property.

A bespoke staircase has the potential to transform your home and by using glass and wood you can create a feeling of light and space and is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

One of the best finishes involves the use of American white oak with glass balustrades to create a light and airy feel which combines the beauty of the wood with glass to form a stunning staircase design to forms the centre piece of your home.

One of the leading staircase design and installation companies in the world is Jarrods Staircases and Carpentry who are specialists in bespoke wood, metal and glass staircases. They create every staircase from scratch which means every staircase they design is bespoke and designed to perfectly fit your home in a style that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Glass Staircases

Glass staircases let light flood into dark hallways and breathe life into enclosed spaces. A bespoke glass staircase is one of the most popular products that are available in the staircase market place. You can replace a regular balustrade with a glass balustrade to increase the elegance of your stairs and transfer your home with a modern glass staircase. Glass staircases let light pour into your home and give the illusion of more space in your home.

Oak Staircases

Oak is a great wood for staircase construction and looks very high class when installed and designed properly. You also have a great range of options with oak, you can have an all oak staircase or you can combine oak with glass to create the perfect staircase design for your home. You can even have spiral staircase made of oak to add the x factor to your home.

Metal Staircases

Steel is another great material you can use for your staircase to create a stunning design. Steel can also be combined with Oak or glass to create a stunning looking staircase which is both strong and good looking. Iron can also be used for staircases and you can create fantastic looking staircases and it can also be combined with both wood and glass.

Floating staircases

Self-supporting or floating staircases can give a dramatic look to your home and your visitors will be amazed when they enter your home. Floating stairs can be made out of wood, glass and metal or a combination of all if required. Glass balustrades combined with wooden stair treads can create a breath-taking look.

What ever type of staircase you prefer there is a great choice available on the market place and there is something available for everyone’s tastes and budget.


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