10 ideas for modern living


There are countless magazines devoted to modern living but many are filled with ideas that are simply out of reach for most of us. So we’ve decided to condense the top trends and make them more achievable with these 10 ideas for modern living.

Consolidate Your Furniture

Modern design is minimalist. You only have as many chairs or tables as you need. However, you can further maximize space with multi-functional furniture like coffee tables that double as bookcases and footrests with hidden storage inside. Get rid of a flimsy nightstand and put in one large enough to do more than hold up a lamp. Or use a wooden stool as a work table next to your bath or bed.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

A large chest of drawers standing against a wall is big intrusion. Installing a walk-in wardrobe or built-in unit will simplify the lines in the room. So not only will you have a smooth visual flow for the space and more storage, but you may even save yourself from stubbed toe as you walk into the room late at night.

Choose a Simple Layout

Forget separate groupings of furniture in most rooms. Choose a simple layout. Have the bed at the center of the bedroom, and locate a single plush chair in the corner. That’s enough to relax with a good book or to sit on while getting dressed.

Maximize Height in Small Spaces

There are a number of tricks to maximize height in small spaces. Curtains that extend from floor to ceiling is one example. A good two tone paint job is another. But the universal solution is getting rid of clutter and excess furniture to give you as much space as possible.


First, purge the stuff you really don’t use so there’s less to organize in the first place. Next, invest in organizers that sit under the bed or hang in the closet, and get any clutter off the floor. This won’t only make the room look better, but will also reduce your stress level. You’ll sleep easier and your bedroom will become a peaceful retreat.

Bring in the Light

Maximize natural light. If new windows or solar tube aren’t options, changing your window dressing to let in more daylight is a good first step. Also put mirrors on the walls opposite your windows to maximize light.

Go with Basic Colours, Then Add Accents

To avoid a colour scheme that will date quickly and is too expensive to change, decorate in basic neutral colors like white, gray, black and beige. This doesn’t mean you can’t have colour. Add accents like paintings, throw pillows and blankets draped over the couch. If you do decide to change the colour scheme, these items are easier to replace. You can also mix and match them as your color palette changes.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

As high tech living becomes the norm, we’re placing a bigger emphasis on nature. This has led to a literal growth in houseplants. Yet we haven’t seen a return to a love of gardening and hard work. This has resulted in low maintenance succulent plants becoming a popular choice. They need relatively little light or water, but they add a dash of color.

Mount the Lights

The trend toward mounted lights has occurred for practical reasons. If your lights hang from the wall or ceiling, you don’t need night tables or stands, freeing up floor space and reducing the odds they get damaged.

Old Is New Again

The trend toward eco-friendly materials and natural materials has resulted in a wave of recycled and repurposed products. It’s more than timber from old buildings being turned into furniture, though that is part of the trend. Before you spend money on these handcrafted items, look for antique and historic items in your own family you can use instead. Baker’s racks with wood board can serve as kitchen storage. Wicker baskets can be turned into hanging storage baskets.


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