4 online marketing tips for building companies

post 1 - 4 online marketing tips for building companies

If you want your business to thrive, it’s essential to get your marketing right. Fail to advertise your company correctly could mean potential customers go to your competitors, costing you work and money. You’re probably an expert in construction but not so much a marketing whizz – so take a look at our top tips that will help you smash your online marketing this year.

  1. Target customer ‘personas’

A customer persona is essentially a ‘character’ or a semi-fictional ‘person’ that represents all the key traits of your target audience. This hypothetical customer is created using in-depth research and analysis of real customers. You may look at their buying behaviour, their reasons for purchasing, what their values are, how they like to communicate, what they dislike and what influences their decisions. Once you have a firm grip on your customer personas, you can create marketing and advertising campaigns that speak to them – with clear, detailed information you know they’re looking for.

  • Follow your customers’ journey

Understanding your customers’ journey from start to finish is essential if you want to maximise conversions. Customers are likely to take a lot of small steps before employing you, from searching for building companies on Google and reading customer reviews online, to dialling your number and employing you for the work. This is where software like intelligent call tracking comes in handy – as you can link your phone sales to your digital marketing campaigns – giving you better results. Companies like Responsetap provide integrated solutions so you can spend less time analysing data sets and more time on the job at hand.

  • Produce engaging content

Content is king in marketing – it is how you will communicate to potential customers, showcasing your company values and experience. It’s important not to produce as much content as you can in the hope of attracting attention, as it’s likely to have the opposite effect. Users may be confused if there is too much information to read and may get bored, leading them to an alternative website. Instead, create specialist content that is relevant to your target audience and answers their questions. It should be written and presented in a way that’s easy to digest and understand, so it may be worth investing in a mix of written, video and graphic content.

  • Implement SEO strategies

This may not be your area of expertise, but don’t underestimate the value of a strong SEO strategy. Being visible in search engines like Google is more important than ever, particularly in the construction industry where competition is fierce. This is where SEO comes in – helping to rank your website higher than your competitors’ in search engines.

With customer buying behaviour and markets changing constantly, it’s important to remain a step ahead and be prepared to change your marketing tactics in line with current trends. This is the only way your company will stay on top for decades to come.


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