A Basic Cleaning Guide for your Business: How to Keep your Restroom Facilities Clean


A well-kept restroom highlights the cleanliness of a business. It also publicises a hygienic establishment that demonstrates how seriously health and safety are considered in their workplace. It goes beyond just keeping a good appearance, by successfully cleaning and managing public restrooms you also aim to reduce the risk of infection or disease.

It is important that cleaning staff and management have consistent restroom cleaning procedures in place and adhere to them on a regular basis. An organised cleaning rota will not only limit cross-contamination but it can also improve labour time making staff more efficient when it comes to completing cleaning tasks.

We have put together some important tips on how you can keep your restroom facilities clean and free of germs.


Preparation is key when it comes to keeping your public facilities clean. Firstly, review the cleaning supplies checklist and set up your cleaning cart with the products and equipment needed to carry out the tasks, any cleaning chemicals for restrooms, mops and other cleaning tools, as well as toilet paper and hand towel dispenser refills can be used to fill the trolley.

When the correct items and cleaning products have been selected load them onto the cart and be sure that all chemicals are diluted accordingly. It is good practice to follow a chemical management system to ensure that products are diluted properly making your job more efficient. Be sure to load the trolley with the correct caution and wet floor signs to clearly display when performing cleaning tasks. Some restrooms will need to be closed to the public before any cleaning is carried out.

Safety precautions

Knowing how to use cleaning chemicals for restrooms is essential to staying safe when tidying and operating any equipment that you might need for the job. It is the employer’s duty to make sure their employees know about any chemical hazards within their place of work. Be careful not to use cleaning chemicals on any surface for which they are not intended, and never mix chemical products as some may result in serious injuries.

It is imperative that the appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE is worn at all times when exposed to cleaning chemicals. This may include protective gloves, face masks and goggles to prevent any splashes and contact with the skin and eyes. Some situations might require extra precautions especially when it comes to cleaning any bodily fluids or soiled materials that could contain toxic substances.

Cleaning the floor

Floor cleaning chemicals for restrooms are designed to deal with the most complex issues. There is a range of professional floor cleaning products from reputable manufacturers such as Jangro to provide you with the best results when cleaning commercial floors and restroom areas. It is important to read all instructions carefully and seek any advice on products should you need to, either online or by contacting the manufacturer directly. Commercial Cleaning is a profession that should be done right. It is always best to make sure you have the right contractors involved for this process.

Cleaning toilets and urinals

This is usually the most unpleasant area to clean, but by applying appropriate disinfectant to the bowls and leaving them for a period of time can make your job less troublesome and often give much cleaner results.

Encourage hand washing

By implementing a variety of straightforward and efficient cleaning practices such as handwashing, you can aid your public restrooms to stay clean and tidy and reflect a positive image for your business. It is important to make the public using your restrooms aware of the risk of spreading infections due to not washing their hands and how to prevent this from happening.

Cleaning surfaces, mirrors and glass

Lastly, be sure to take extra care when cleaning any mirrors or glass surfaces. Use glass cleaner to remove any stains and germs from sinks and mirrors and wipe away obvious rubbish and mess like paper towels from surfaces before spraying or using any robust disinfectants or chemicals.

Hopefully, this basic cleaning guide has helped with keeping your businesses’ restroom facilities clean and in good working order for the public to use.


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