Why choose an Ottoman fabric storage bed for your master bedroom?


As we accumulate more possessions and grow a family, we can often find that there’s a lot of stuff lying around the house, or clutter that really needs a place to be stored. Many of us also end up in living situations that we feel are lacking storage space, and our things begin to take up valuable floor space. Ottoman beds have been around for a while, but they’re often restricted to the guest room as many believe the most stylish beds can’t come with storage. Read on to explore all the reasons why beds with storage are an idea worth investing in for your home – not just in the guest room, but the master too!

Why choose a Ottoman storage bed?

The thought process behind having a storage bed in the guest bedroom is usually to fill the storage with spare bedding and blankets for your guests – but we all know that this storage usually ends up being used for all of the old clutter that we end up forgetting about! If we need so much extra storage for our things, doesn’t it make sense for the storage to be in the master bedroom where we won’t forget about it?

Many homes lack the right amount of in-built storage for all our needs, and it is becoming more and more common for people to rent properties. With a bed that has in-built storage, you are bringing your own in-built storage to any home you live in, meaning you’ll always have somewhere to keep your things. Assess your storage needs, not only for now, but in the future too, and then take a look at the varying levels of storage available within beds.

What type of storage bed is right for you?

Beds come with varying degrees of storage to suit different needs. From storage that’s not so simple to access – best for the kind of items you’d put in a loft, or beds with drawers – a great place to put the same items you’d keep in a chest of drawers. The type of bed you go for should depend on your needs, but also the size of your room and the size of your budget.

Ottoman divan beds are a popular choice because they offer a mattress that can be lifted with a gas-lift hydraulic system to reveal a large amount of storage underneath. This is the kind of bed that offers storage for those items you don’t need on a daily basis, such as seasonal decorations, spare bedding and small pieces of furniture that are not currently in use.

Divan drawer beds are better suited to storing clothing, shoes and kids’ toys – the things that you’re likely to reach for on a more frequent basis. These drawers are ideal for clearing away clutter, preventing it from taking up valuable floor space. Different Divan beds come with varying layouts, offering different draw sizes and varying available space. These beds can come with one to four drawers. One drawer is best for larger storage needs, as you’ll simply pull one big drawer out from one side of the bed. Four drawers will offer four separate, smaller storage spaces, two on the left and right side of your bed.

Can Ottoman storage beds still be stylish?

Gone are the days where the most beautiful and stylish beds were not the ones to offer storage. Due to the increased storage needs of 21st-century living, it is now so much easier to find a bed that is perfect for your tastes and offers a large amount of storage.

One type of bed that is the height of style and popularity at the moment is the upholstered bed. These beds come upholstered with luxury materials such as velvet and leather, amongst other desirable fabrics. This style of bed offers a luxurious and grand place to slip into for a comfortable night’s sleep, with the added softness of an upholstered headboard. Upholstered beds are a statement piece for any bedroom, but that doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice on storage.

Today, there is a wide range of upholstered beds that come in a range of stylish fabrics and colours, while also offering the several styles of storage previously mentioned in the article. Making the choice to invest in a storage bed no longer means settling for a bed that doesn’t meet your exact tastes, or keeping storage limited to a guest bedroom. You can find your dream master bed that fits the bill for your tastes and interiors, while also offering you a large amount of convenient storage to add to your bedroom.


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