Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Wood Flooring?


Undoubtedly, wooden floors look timeless, beautiful, classic and glamorous. However, if you want your wood flooring to look like that all throughout, you must take proper care of it. Though most wooden floorings are durable and long-lasting, they still require proper care to serve as protection against any form of damage, as stated by industry leaders from Terrazzo.  Even though the caretaking process is quite simple, a lot of people get confused with it. A few straightforward advice can be of help.

Protection from damage

If you want your wooden floor to shimmer and glitter, you need to protect it against any form of damage. In that light, any form of spills must be wiped away immediately if you do not want your wooden floor to get damaged in any way.

The top layer of the wooden flooring is usually coated with lacquer or oil. This provides the initial protection in case any spills occur. However, if the liquid is left to soak in the wood, then it will cause damage in the long run. 

Protection against scratches and dents

Scratches and dents can cause severe damage to your wooden flooring, and thus you need to protect it. Though small scratches and marks are unavoidable, it is possible to protect your flooring against bigger dents and marks.

Start with the simple things. For instance, remove your footwear while walking on the wooden floor. Generally, outdoor footwear has girth and dirt in them and walking on the wooden floor with such shoes can cause the floor to get scratched. Additionally, if you do notice stones and girth on the wooden floors get them removed immediately.

Use anti-scratch pads

In addition to small pebbles and girth, heavy furniture too can cause marks and indentations on the wooden floors. To avoid this, it’s advisable to lift up heavy furniture and move them across the floor than to drag them around.

In addition to lift-and-move, it’s important to place anti-scratch felt protector pads beneath the furniture. Once added to the bottom of the furniture they create a soft barrier between the weight of the furniture and the floor.

Proper cleaning of wooden floor

The cleaning process of the wooden floor is pretty easy and straightforward. In order to do a thorough cleaning, all you need to do is use a bristle brush to clean the floor daily. This should be an everyday practice since it removes any form of dirt and muck.

Vacuuming the floor is also a good idea. Once the cleaning process is complete, it’s time to take on the stain removal process. This can be conducted twice or thrice a month.

Monthly floor checks

Even if you clean your wooden floor daily, it might not be enough. You have to check the floor every month to make sure that it’s not affected by any pests. Do not forget to peep beneath the rugs as well!

If there happens to be any discoloration, then it might be a good idea to consider a fresh topcoat. Insect damage is dangerous and must always be nipped in the bud.

Let your wood flooring shine with grace! Take proper care of it today.


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