Characteristics of the Top San Antonio Realtors


So, what are the top characteristics of the best realtors in San Antonio? What separates the top realtors in the city from the rest? What do they offer to their clients?

Detailed Local Knowledge

The top realtors in San Antonio offer detailed knowledge of the real estate market. It isn’t enough to say that a neighborhood is affordable, desirable, or up-and-coming. They know which neighborhoods provide a fast commute to downtown or are the lowest cost homes assigned to a top school. They have detailed knowledge about specific property markets, whether you’re looking for a condo or luxury single family home. Note that this means a realtor who specializes in luxury properties may not be of much assistance when you’re looking for an affordable family home, and someone who is knowledgeable about downtown may not able to give much advice about the San Antonio suburbs.

Attention to Detail

The best realtors in San Antonio have an eye for detail. They find issues with the property that can be used to lower the price. For example, they may be able to bring up the HOA dues owed or upcoming neighboring development that affects the property’s value. They find overlooked properties that may be available at a bargain. They can advise clients on legal matters and their own unique situation instead of giving canned advice.

Negotiating Skills

Great realtors don’t just set or offer a good price for a home. They’ll negotiate the value of the home. And they’ll negotiate other aspects of the deal such as property repairs, cash toward home renovations, and associated closing costs. Note that negotiating skills are very different from listening skills, but a realtor who won’t listen to you won’t be able to adequately argue your case. Nor will they be able to find the right property for you.


Real estate is a classic example of Pareto’s law. The top 20 percent of realtors sell 80 percent of the homes. The best realtors are able to move real estate far faster than everyone else. They’ll sell your home in weeks, not months. They’ll home in on the perfect property for you based on your budget, desired amenities, and personal requirements. You don’t waste time touring thirty homes while debating which of the four mediocre candidates are good enough. Instead, your checklist is compared against a massive inventory, and you’re shown two to four properties that are all perfect. The realtor has a team working to maximize efficiency. This means you are shown the best homes for your situation so that you can close on it as quickly as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

Real estate is the largest single purchase any of us make. You can’t afford to make a mistake. Attention to detail can reduce the odds of accidents, but it won’t make up for fraud or deceptive marketing. This is why the best realtors have honesty and integrity. They’ll admit when they don’t know something before referring you to someone who can answer your questions.


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