Truck rental – First Time Driving Tips


If you want to move your belongings across the country, truck rental is your best option. Although you will save a lot of money, driving a rental truck is a huge responsibility. You may find it intimidating to figure out how to drive a 12 foot or longer truck with your loved ones and belongings on board. This feeling will also double if you have never driven a large vehicle before. However, it is not all that different from driving a car. Although you will have to figure out where all the blinkers, blind spots, and buttons are, you likely to be fine if you are used to driving a standard car. Read to discover the first time driving tips of a truck rental.

  1. Inspection. You do not want to start your journey only to burst your tire in the middle of nowhere and realize that you do not have a spare one. Do a thorough inspection before you pick the truck from the rental company. Check the lights, oil, signals, and even the mirrors to ensure that the truck is in good shape. Request and insist on the rental company to get you the newest truck in their parking lot. Check for any damages both in the interior and exterior to ensure that they do not blame you when you return the truck.
  2. Safe Distance. Trucks are often more massive, and they take longer to come to a complete stop. Always keep a safe distance from other cars so that you can brake on time in case of an emergency. You can keep double the distance you would keep if you were driving your regular car.
  3. Take it Slow. Most truck rental companies do not specify their speed limit. However, always follow the speed limits you will find on the road. The speed limit may also vary from state to state. As such, make sure you are aware of these regulations. You can also opt to drive at half the speed of a regular car to be on the safe side.
  4. Rest. If you drive for a long distance, make sure that your shift does not exceed ten hours. a professional truck driver drives for eleven hours a day. Rental companies recommend that you drive for ten hours. Take several breaks to keep fresh. Make sure that each break is about thirty minutes long after the first eight hours of driving. Breaks will help you keep your energy and sharpen your senses.
  5. Navigating Through Mountains. Nobody will ever teach you how to navigate a truck through mountains. Such roads may be challenging since they may not allow you to rest. As such, ensure you learn your route in advance and plan for these long and slow stretches. Remember that mountain curves are dangerous, and they require undivided attention.

Now, you are well prepared to rent a truck and drive it across the country. Be safe and follow all the traffic rules.


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