6 Productivity Hacks for Any Working Professional


Productivity is the key to a successful career. Without it, you can find yourself spinning your wheels. That can be a frustrating, unnecessary feeling. Here are a few ways to avoid feeling frustrated and start feeling productive.

Use a Bullet Journal to Tackle Your To-Do List

It might sound a little too old school but trust us, a bullet journal can help you tackle your to-do list with precision. A bullet journal is just a way of making lists using a bulleted list template. All you need in order to begin is a basic notebook. You’ll then divide it up into four sections where you can track your daily activities.

Turn Off Your Notifications

You don’t need to be randomized with every single thing that happens in your online world. A new email message, a social media notification, etc. can cost you an hour of your day. It’s true. A 10-minute distraction can result in the loss of an entire hour. Even worse, keeping electronics on right before bed can affect your sleep and overall health the next day.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the small stuff. Turn off the notifications on your smartphone.

Control Your Social Media Time

Spending time on social media can rob you of hours from your day. You think you’re just posting a quick update but then suddenly, you find yourself in the endless scroll trap that causes time to fly by far too quickly. That fight about politics or disagreement about the color of a dress just isn’t worth your precious time. Consider using an app blocker that will prevent you from accessing social media apps during certain hours.

Tackle the Big Stuff First

Don’t let yourself procrastinate from the things that really matter. Put the big stuff at the top of the to-do list. That’s the stuff that will have the biggest impact on your life, so why not conquer it and reap the benefits? Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

Quick Tasks Come Second

Once you’ve conquered the big stuff on your list, look at the quick stuff. If there are any two-minute tasks on your list, get them done. You will feel more productive when you see your to-do list dwindling. As a result, it will help motivate you to conquer even more. 

Don’t Sit in Meetings All Day

Meetings are one of the biggest wastes of time. Sure, there are important meetings that need to happen in order to keep the channels of communication open between the team. However, most meetings aren’t like that. Most of them are just a time suck and you spend most of the meeting wondering why they even included you on the invite list. Do yourself a favor and try the following:

  • Cut your current meeting times down by 25%.
  • Try stand-up meetings where you have a quick chat at your desk.
  • Evaluate the meetings on your calendar and ask yourself if they’re really necessary.

By trying these six productivity hacks, you should be able to carve out enough time to breathe and enjoy life. The important thing is to work smarter, not harder. Becoming productive is the key to making that happen.


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