EQUITONE [natura], which has passed the BS 8414 fire safety test, on the Richmond Medical Centre in Lincoln (resized)

EQUITONE fibre cement facade material has passed the BS 8414 fire safety test – further securing its position as being safe to use in high-rise and high-risk buildings.

The rigorous test, which was sponsored by TENMAT Ltd, evaluates whether a cladding system that is subjected to a fire breaking out of an opening in an external wall will result in excessive fire spread up the outside of the building – creating a risk of the blaze re-entering the building at a higher level.

BS 8414 tests are conducted in specialist laboratories and involve building a 9m high model wall, covering it in a cladding system and starting a fire at the bottom. It is important to note that the classification applies solely to the complete external facade system that has been tested.

All EQUITONE materials comprehensively meet the fire performance classification A2-s1,d0 to EN 13501-1:2018 – meaning they do not contribute to the formation or spread of a fire. EQUITONE [natura] was the material used during the BS 8414 test and further reinforces EQUITONE’s long-standing commitment to ensuring its materials are safe and suitable to use.

Martin Smithurst, technical manager at EQUITONE, said: “Building material combustibility is a key focal point during the specification stage so we are delighted that EQUITONE


has passed the BS 8414 test, which strengthens its position as a robust material that does not contribute to the formation or spread of a fire.

“The BS 8414 test is designed to simulate the response to a fire spilling out of a window – exposing the external facade to the fire to see how it spreads. It provides a rigorous assessment of cladding systems. As EQUITONE has passed the test, it is officially classified as being safe to use in high-rise and high-risk buildings.

“When choosing facade materials that need to meet the demands of the current fire performance requirements, our dedicated technical and specification team can offer expert support to architects, designers and contractors – from the initial design concept through to build completion and beyond.”

All EQUITONE materials have a life expectancy of at least 50 years and are available in a range of colours, finishes and fixing options, giving full creative scope.

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