Estate Agents Using Flags to Sell Homes (1)

Estate Agents Using Flags to Sell Homes

Increasingly, you may have noticed that more and more newbuilds are featuring flags. The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed them outside more prestigious properties that are for sale, often hosting an open house event. The reason for the flag increase is that they draw attention to what you want to sell. Estate agents have realised this, and now every new build and open house event features an open house flag or three.

In this post, we look at all the methods estate agents use to draw attention to an open house event and maximise its potential to sell a property. Despite the housing price boom in some parts of the country property continues to sell. The draw of customising a home is still alive and kicking.

Appoint an Agent that Knows the Area

When appointing an agent, make sure he or she knows the local area well. They should also know who the property is going to appeal to. This will allow them to introduce the benefits of living in the property to the target audience.

For example, if it is a family home, the chances are potential buyers are going to want to know about schools. What are they like? What are their Ofsted rankings? These are typical questions an agent is going to need to answer. General questions about council tax will also be asked and it is important the agent has done the homework to be able to answer them.

Use an Appointment System

Appointment systems allow you to do two things. One, your team can focus on the potential buyer, making them feel appreciated. They can take the time to show them the house, present the benefits, and answer questions. Two, by allowing each buyer a 15-minute timeslot also shows each one that there is interest in the home. This promotes a sense of urgency and in turn, faster decision making on whether or not to put in an offer.

Encourage the Seller to go Out for the Day

It is good practice to get the seller to go out for the day. This lets the selling team focus on potential buyers. Many estate agents will tell you that if the seller invests in a few light refreshments for the day, even stretching to a few bottles of wine, this often goes down well. Many open house events happen on a Saturday, and often children come as well. This can be demanding, so a few refreshments often bring relief.

Use an Offer Form

The better estate agents use an offer form to allow potential buyers to make an offer. The form contains questions to assess a buyer’s circumstances. Asking whether or not they will need a mortgage and what level of deposit can they put down. This gives the whole viewing a formal feel. It is good practice to provide an offer window such as two or three days to submit an offer. Again, this can prompt faster decision making.

With UK house prices rising, open houses can be a good method to sell a property quickly. This can be realised with good planning and a little thought.


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