Things To Consider Before Hiring Scaffolding Services For Your Home Renovations

Things To Consider Before Hiring Scaffolding Services For Your Home Renovations

Scaffolding is a vital part of building and constructing, and if you are planning on doing home renovations, you will likely be needing scaffolding services. 

However, before you hire a scaffolding firm, it is essential to consider some factors that will help you choose the right Scaffolding company and also evaluate if there is a need for Scaffolding. To make your job easier, you can read through some of these factors below. But first, what is a Scaffolding? 

Significance of the Scaffolding

Scaffolding refers to the temporary structure used to support workers, equipment, and materials during construction. Scaffolding may also be necessary during house renovations and repairs. Its primary function is to get workers and materials to where would ordinarily be too high or difficult to go and to support workers while working above ground level. 

Factors To Consider Before Hiring Scaffolding Services For Home Renovations

1.Do You Need a Scaffolding: The first thing to consider is whether you really need Scaffolding or not. You may need a professional opinion to make this decision. For example, repainting a ground-level house might not need Scaffolding, but you will definitely need the services of a scaffolding company if you are repainting a story building. Nonetheless, your decision to use a scaffold should be determined by the difficulty and risks involved in the renovation project.

2.Hiring the Right Scaffolding Firm: The kind of Scaffolding services you hire can either result in an excellent job or ruin your renovation plans. Hence, making sure you hire the right firm is one of the things you will have to consider.

Location matters a lot when hiring the ideal scaffolding company. You will need to know that they are capable of reaching your site quickly and vice versa. This might mean going for a local scaffolding service or hiring one that can adequately cover vast areas such as Cambridgeshire Scaffolding Firm that caters to Cambridge and its environs and a more significant part of the United Kingdom(UK).

The right scaffolding firm should also be able to provide the necessary certifications to assure you of quality service and equipment that suits your needs and budget.

3.Type of Scaffold: Another factor you need to consider is the type of scaffold you need. There are basically three types of Scaffolding, they are Suspended Scaffolding, Supported Platform Scaffolding, and Adjustable Scaffolding.

Suspended Scaffolding, as the name suggests, is suspended in the air and built with wood, metal, and ropes. This type of scaffold is ideal for construction and renovation projects that require workers to work at a very high position or an uneven terrain.

Supported Platform Scaffolding, on the other hand, has an elevated platform raised from the ground. It is also the most common type of Scaffolding and ideal for almost all types of projects.

Last but not least is the adjustable scaffold. It is a type of suspended scaffold that can be adjusted to your suit your needs. The flexible platform gives you control; you can either lower or raise the platform and direct it to wherever it is needed.        

Now that you know your options, your choice of Scaffolding should be based on your renovation needs.

4.Budget and Financial Costs:  one of the most important things you will need to resolve is your budget and the financial costs of hiring a scaffolding company. It might help if you use a local scaffolding firm such as hiring Royston Scaffolding for your home renovation services in Cambridge and its environs. Using a local company will reduce the cost of moving equipment and workforce. 

You will also need to consider the cost of the type of scaffold you want to use. Suspended Scaffolds are the most expensive, and this is because they are usually custom-built for a specific project.

Adjustable Scaffolds are also costly, but one advantage is its flexibility of use. The least expensive is the Supported Platform Scaffold. Whichever you decide to go with, make sure it is proportionate to your needs and budget.

5.Safety Concerns: Scaffolding mostly involves working from an elevated position, and with working at heights comes safety concerns. If your renovation projects include working from far heights or unusual designs, then you need to make sure that the Scaffolding Firm you hire has all the necessary safety measures in place, including licenses and permits. You also need to ensure that the firm carries out a thorough risk assessment before starting any work. 

A good Scaffold company will have a safety guideline and insurance in case an accident occurs. Some of the safety measures that should be in place include sturdy and secure platforms, handrails and guardrails, etc.

6.Company’s Experience: You must check the scaffolding company’s experience, track record, and reviews; this will help you evaluate their efficiency and integrity. 

Besides, you will also need experienced workers to deliver quality service and reduce the risks of accidents while working. 


Scaffolding can make your renovations safer and faster when used appropriately, and it is only wise to consider certain factors to ensure you get the right scaffolding companies. Factors such as verifying if Scaffolding is necessary for your home renovations, considering the cost, your budget, and the expertise of the scaffolding firm can determine the type of performance you get at the end of the day.

This post was written by Royston Scaffolding Ltd- a fully CISRS qualified and CITB accredited Cambridgeshire Scaffolding Firm, providing industrial, commercial and domestic scaffold services.


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