Ways to Decorate Your Petite Bathroom

small bath

Decorating smaller spaces can often be a challenge, especially when working with a room such as the bathroom, which requires key features to suit meet needs. There are many things to consider when decorating any space, but when it comes to a smaller area you need to think about things in even more detail, working out alternative storage solutions that will help you utilise the space you have, whilst still being able to get the correct bathroom features into the room in order for it to function properly. A petite bathroom can be extremely warm and cosy, creating your very own spa-like sanctuary, it’s all about getting the right balance of practicality with style.

Adding Mirrors

One of the first things you should consider when decorating and styling a petite bathroom space is the addition of a mirror. Mirrors are perfect for creating a sense of space and making a room feel open and light, which is ideal within the bathroom. By adding a mirror to one of your bathroom walls, you’ll instantly be able to bounce the natural light throughout the room and make the area feel much more spacious. Mirrors are also a must have in any bathroom, often positioned above the sink you can create a lovely focal point to draw the room together seamlessly.

Essential Features

Within the bathroom, there are many different features that are required to ensure you can make the most out of the space you have. Everyday use requires key features such as shaver sockets, vanity cabinets and storage space to keep your daily products neat and tidy. With a shaver socket, you then have the ability to charge your electric toothbrush, razor and other electrical items that you use through your day to day routines. Similarly, you need to focus on investing in the right kind of vanity cabinets, to really make the most of the space. Hidden cabinets within mirrors are a great feature for the petite bathroom styles, as you are doubling up the use and making the most of the wall space available without taking away from any of the floorspace within the room.

Statement Tiles

Creating a bold statement within a petite bathroom can really help to bring the character the space needs without having to go overboard with the décor. Introducing some stylish, trendy tiles can instantly transform a space and bring the room to life, with lighter tiles also helping to lift the atmosphere. You can get really creative when adding statement tiles, whether that’s creating your own bold pattern, or simply combining bright colours for a really captivating aesthetic.

Minimal Mess

Less is certainly more when it comes to smaller spaces and with a petite bathroom it’s important to keep the mess to an absolute minimum. Storage is key, as the less you have out on display such as toiletries and appliances the better. Try to keep your bathroom as neat and tidy as possible, as this will help to keep the space feeling fresh and open, rather than it feeling cramped and overcrowded.


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