The benefits of a double garage


Double garages are becoming increasingly popular in new builds and residential areas as a practical addition to any home. Previously, double garages were considered as a luxury for larger properties, however, now they are commonly included within the build design of many residential homes. The addition of a garage to your property can be a great investment, as well as having many practical day-to-day uses. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the addition of a double garage.

Increase kerb appeal

With a double garage, there are many possibilities for what can be done with the extra space, with this extension onto your property adding instant value to your home, with a double garage increasing a property’s value by up to 20%. There are numerous designs for double garages, that feature high-quality materials, giving them aesthetic value and the ability to increase a properties kerb appeal.  If you’re wanting to increase the value of your property and add instant curb appeal, double garages from Lidget Compton are a smart, long-term investment.

More space for vehicles and additional storage

Many households today own more than one car, so it goes without saying that many of us need more space to keep them than a single garage can provide. One of the benefits of a double garage is the safety it offers for vehicles, as well as other items that are stored in the garage. With a standard single garage, other vehicles are parked outside, which can make homeowners worry about their security. A double garage allows two average sized cars to be stored easily, as well as offering peace of mind to the owners during the night and when away from home.

 A double garage also provides alternative space for storage and are ideal for storing large items such as bikes and storage equipment. A larger garage means more room for shelving and cabinets to store extra clutter, freeing up space inside your home.

Additional living space

If you have some spare room in your double garage, it can easily be utilised as additional living space with some homeowners even choosing to convert their garages into home offices, gyms or utility rooms. It can also be easily converted into a social space for parties and gatherings, or even a bedroom for guests, or to rent out as a studio space for additional income.

Vehicle safekeeping and protection

Keeping your car inside a garage will keep it away from potential hazards and outdoor elements, but more importantly, it will mean that your vehicle is safer from theft and damage. A 2019 study found that there were over 114,000 motor vehicle thefts in England and Wales in 2018/19, which is an increase of over 8,000 offences when compared with the previous year and a nine year high for motor vehicle theft offences. By knowing your vehicles are safe in your garage and not outside overnight, this minimises the worry many vehicles owners may have surrounding theft and damage.

There are many uses for a double garage, with a staggering 650,000 households in the UK converting their garage into another room, and many more planning on investing in a double garage, it’s clear to see that there are several amazing benefits that a double garage can provide to both you and your property, so it’s definitely an additional feature that many homeowners should consider adding to a home.


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