Transfer to an American university to complete your B.A. degree

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Students go to university for academic interest, future careers, not to mention social life. Usually, they start their studies at a local university, which allows them to save money while trying to obtain a bachelor’s degree. At one point to another, they decide to transfer to a different school. They think about attending university abroad. The United States is renowned for higher education opportunities, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that international students apply to American universities. Do you want to study in the United States? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. It’s not that hard.

The transfer of credit from non-U.S. universities

Thanks to the flexibility of the credit system, you can transfer from any university to a U.S. university without losing your valuable academic credit. You can transfer up to 75 credits from your prior studies. For a B.A., you need a minimum of 45 credits. Determine how your foreign credit is evaluated by consulting with the admissions counselor or international student advisor. The more credits you’re able to transfer, the fewer courses you have to take. And the more likely you are to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Demonstrating English language proficiency

International transfer students are required to take English proficiency exams to demonstrate that they have a good command of the language. Educational institutions want to ensure that students can cope with the demands of the degree-level study. Standardized testing includes TOEFL. The test focuses on how English is deployed in academic settings. If you manage to pass the TOEFL, you’ll assure the American university that your English skills are strong enough to enable you to succeed. The score you need depends largely on where you choose to study.

Applying for admission

The transfer application process isn’t complicated, but you could use a little bit of help. With proper assistance, you can successfully navigate the process. Work with experienced counselors that will provide useful information, strategies, and tactics to help you meet your admissions goal, all in an effort to make your transition smoother. It’s ideal for international students thinking about applying to several highly-selective schools. If the road you’ve previously taken doesn’t fulfill your academic needs anymore, seek opportunities in your field of study. Universities in the United States are becoming a popular study destination for Chinese students. If thousands of students go abroad to study, why shouldn’t you? You’ll get more than a tangible degree.

The transfer timeline for international students

The recommended timeline for a 美国大学转学 reflects that of prospective first-year students. To be more precise, it’s necessary to kick off the application process 12 months in advance. Students who want to begin studying in the autumn should send over the application materials in early spring. On the other hand, those applying for spring have to submit their application materials by early autumn. There is no deadline as far as some institutions are concerned. However, they do have priority dates that you must respect.


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