How to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home


If you’re looking to ensure your home looks its best from first glance, you need to work on its kerb appeal. The term ‘kerb appeal’ applies to the way your home looks from the front, as the first thing people will see from the street and you want it to stand out and look the part. From general tidying up tips to changes that can have a big impact, the following post will help you perfect your homes kerb appeal and create a warm and welcoming feel from the moment you reach the front door.

The Front Garden

First things first, having a neat and tidy front garden is essential. Whether it’s a long strip of grass that runs along the length of a wall or fence, or it’s the trees and bushes that are positioned around the front of your home, if these are untidy and overgrown your home will instantly look messy and uninviting. Start by ensuring your lawn has been cut, hedges and bushes are trimmed back and in shape and any weeds or overgrown plants are pulled or trimmed back to a neater length. If you struggle to get your garden looking its best, hire a gardener, which you can do online here, to make a start on the work for you, then you can simply keep up with the maintenance every few weeks to keep your home looking its best.

Balance of Lighting

Having the right lighting at the front of your home can have a huge impact on the overall kerb appeal. Not having enough lighting will leave your home looking dark and dingy through the evenings and into the night, whereas a touch of light in the right areas can really help to enhance your home and illuminate certain parts to create a really homely feel. Positioning lighting outside your front door is a great way to open up the front of your home and create a welcoming feel, with lighting dotted around the garden to help show off your beautiful outdoor area whilst also adding some security measures too. Lighting can help to deter thief’s too, as you’ll find they don’t want to be seen snooping around when the areas are lit and easily visible. You can find stylish and traditional outdoor lighting online at MY KNX, or alternatively you could pop to your local garden centre to see which styles they have available for your home’s exterior.

Front Door Design

From the moment someone steps foot outside your home the front door is the focal point that the eye is drawn to. With this in mind, you want your front door to stand out and welcome people to your home, in your own personal way. From a simple lick of paint to a bold brass knocker, which you can find at House of Brass, and beautiful house number plate, you can transform your front door in a few small steps and have a stunning entrance to your home. You can get away with almost anything when it comes to the front door, with so many vibrant colours to choose from that will enhance your home and take the overall aesthetic to the next level.

The Perfect Pathway

Paths are ideal for creating a clear entrance to the home, which can help enhance the overall warm, welcoming atmosphere that you want to create. From individual stone slabs, to subtle stones like these from Stone Warehouse that pave the way, you can create a lovely aesthetic with a path that will make the perfect finishing touch to your homes kerb appeal. Take your path to an even higher level by lining neatly with flowers and plants to bring some life and colour to the space.


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