The Necessity Of An Electrician


Electricity is a necessary part of the modern world, making electricians vital for as long as there is a need for this utility. Most people take this component of their lives for granted, not imagining a life without it. And with the level of dependence on technology and being connected, we would truly be lost without it. In saying that, we must have high-quality trade professionals responsible for the installation and repair of the electrical systems and wires in our homes and businesses such as the computer network, HVAC, security, and, of course, lighting systems.

Categories of Electricians

In the modern world, the note is that there are four main specialty categories under which electricians fall. When choosing the best electrician near me, I take these categories into consideration.

  • Those that work within the single-family homes and apartment complexes deem residential.
  • Public facilities not fitted with high-voltage lines such as industrial, office spaces, rental building, all fall under commercial electricians who are responsible for the repair, maintenance, and renovation of the various electrical systems.
  • The industrial electrician works to install and maintain a variety of different components and machines as well as high-voltage electrical systems.
  • Low-voltage systems like video, data, voice, networks, and systems are taken care of by electricians specializing in this field. Their primary responsibility is the repair, installation, and maintenance of fiber optic cables and phone lines. 

In some instances, the low voltage and residential will be one category with the commercial and industrial combined into one. Some classes separate electricians based on their level of training and experience as well.

  • Trainee electricians who work under a more qualified, experienced professional during a specific period deem to be an apprentice.
  • After working as an apprentice, there is a need to obtain licensing from a state-approved authority, which will then bring the status of journeyman electrician.
  • After taking a state-approved exam which will provide a license and deem a high level of competence in the field, a master electrician offers years of experience on top of that.

Every state is different and will have its expectations and requirements for each level of the electrician. In situations where you need an emergency electrician, it is important that they are qualified. So make sure they are part of a registered board for the state.

Facts About Electricians

Not many of us realize how reliant we are on our electricity or specifically the electricians who take care of the power for us. In each moment of our daily lives with every activity, we have an extensive requirement and use for electricity. Let’s check out some facts about the critical tradesman who are responsible for our utility.

  • In many instances, the only way to differentiate between multiple types of wiring is through color-coding. Without color vision, someone working with electrical wires could make what would be a fatal mistake. In saying that, it’s not widely known that those who work as electricians must have appropriate color vision. Follow this link for facts on things electricians wish we knew:
  • Many of these tradesmen use a lot of diagnostic tools in an effort to diagnose and evaluate potential defects and issues where the cause is not so readily available. These professionals need to have a solid understanding of math and the ability to read blueprints and technical schematics. 
  • The electrician trade is only growing with anticipated increases in years to come as the job is critical for home construction and properties as a whole, not to mention the ever-evolving dependence on digital technology. The reliance on electricity and electrical appliances has no signs of decreasing, meaning there will always be a need for those knowledgeable in the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of these systems. The demand will be critical as technology continues to advance.

We’ve become a society so oblivious to the extent of our ‘luxury’ that we take it all as if it will always be here without question. It would be a very curious prospect if we all woke up and all the modern conveniences were temporarily inoperable for even a day specifically electricity. No one would know how to function. That’s a sad and scary reality. Our great grandparents, even our grandparents would have had a party in that situation with food and friends. In today’s world, we wouldn’t know what to do. Hopefully, we never have to do without our electrician friends who keep this utility humming and our technology running for those who would simply crumble under similar circumstances.


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