What should you consider when choosing an emergency plumber?


Unexpected plumbing problems can be a huge disruption to your everyday life, especially when they occur late at night or during odd days, such as holidays and weekends, when your plumber might not be available. That is why it is imperative to have the right plumber on speed dial who can be there within minutes in case of emergency. 

You might be tempted to solve the problem on your own, but without the necessary plumbing equipment and expertise, you may end up worsening it and get the whole house drenched in sewer water or even hurt yourself in the process. Call a professional to get the job done right.

So, what factors should you consider when choosing an emergency plumber?

Plumbing Services Offered

Ask what services your plumber offers for both emergencies and regular issues such as routine maintenance. A great emergency plumber should be conversant with different types of plumbing systems and be ready to provide real-time solutions. 

The three main types of plumbing systems that their company should be able to work on are sanitary drainage, potable water, and stormwater drainage.

Availability and Location

If you want an emergency plumber who can respond to your requests as soon as possible, then you need someone in your area. A local plumber has less distance to travel, and thus a better chance of responding faster to your problem. 

Hiring local will save you time and money in the form of call-out fees and unspecified allowance charges. Also, the faster the problem is fixed, the more you save on water and utility bills.

Make sure the company you choose offers 24/7 service so they’ll be available for emergencies at all hours.


Does your plumber deliver prompt service with professional courtesy? Do they have the necessary tools and equipment to do a good job? If your emergency plumber uses substandard equipment or cuts corners, then you may find yourself experiencing the same problems over and over.

The best way to evaluate your plumbing company is by asking two simple questions: was the problem fixed in a timely fashion? And did it recur?

Response Time

Response time for plumbing emergencies should be less than thirty minutes. This is essential because broken pipes can cause significant damage on a property, damage that compounds the longer the problem remains unsolved. A prompt response to your requests will not only save you on plumbing expenses, but also on other repairs to your property that may be necessary.


How much does your plumber charge for emergency service? Make sure you research different plumbers in your area to find out which one delivers the service you want at a price you can afford.  Companies based in different cities may have different rates for the same service.  For example, a Long Beach emergency plumber may charge significantly less than a Santa Monica one.  So, if your property is located between each city, then opt for the lower quote.  


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