How Compact Equipment Is Making Big Changes In The Construction Industry


The market for Compact Construction Equipment is expected to reach 148 million pounds by 2025, according to Market Watch, with a 6.1% CAGR growth. This is not surprising given that there is a need for compact construction machines, such as Doosan’s E10 battery operated mini-excavator, these days especially in urban areas. With housing projects in the UK continuing to thrive, operators need more compact machines that will enable them to do their job even in tight spaces. Here’s how compact equipment is making big changes in the construction industry.

Time Saving Through Multipurpose

Compact equipment, like the Kubota svl95-2s, allows operators to continue with the construction project, even when they encounter compact spaces. With this machine equipped with the appropriate Kubota svl95 tracks, the operator can easily move around unique landscapes and terrains without losing traction. Add this to the fact that it comes with several attachments only shows that compact construction equipment can be a multipurpose machine. 

Tech Availability  

Technology plays a critical role regarding the efficiency and productivity in a construction project, while keeping both machine and operator connected safely. Telematics as well as grade control are no longer limited to heavy machines as compact equipment are featuring them as well. It is expected that the new generation of compact industrial vehicles will have improved performance, better productivity, enhanced fuel efficiency, and lower emissions among others. 

Optimized Performance  

The use of technology in compact construction equipment makes it easier for them to operate. The equipment can be adjusted to suit the skill level of the operator which can improve their performance without sacrificing their safety. Wheel loaders that come with hydrostatic emissions can be adjusted by pushing a button to customize traction on ice. New technology, such as the locator and geo-fencing devices allow operators and owners to maintain their fleet to understand their equipment’s usage and downtime.  

Safer Job Sites

Technology in compact equipment increases safety in the workplace. Features like the mounted cameras on the machine allow the operator to see if there are any workers or obstacles nearby that should be avoided. Other tech features that new compact machines will be sporting are object detection sensors, proximity sensors, and 360 degree cameras, which are geared to making a construction site safer when machines are being operated. 

Proper Education And Training For Operators 

Although these machines are easier to handle because of the technology featured, it is important that operators are trained to use them properly. The enhanced features and safety measures of compact construction equipment may have been added for safety purposes, but knowledge on how these machines work is critical. Training as well as site-safety practices must be conducted not only to operate machines safely but also to protect other workers on site. 

Compact construction equipment is changing the construction industry by offering a more convenient way to handle tight spaces. Instead of thinking of a solution to get the larger excavators to squeeze into smaller spaces, compact vehicles can get the job done with ease.


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