Kingspan’s new SmartServ Pro ensures proactive pollution prevention


Ensure Full Legal Compliance for Your Drainage Products with Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro

Managing below-ground drainage products across a company’s estate can be a huge challenge for energy management teams. 

Ensuring that a company’s collective separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are all working safely and correctly is difficult when they aren’t always easily accessible and may be widely distributed across remote geographical locations. 

Nonetheless, this level of oversight is a requirement for all businesses under current EN 858-2 legislation, in order to protect the environment and public health from local pollution events.

Kingspan’s brilliant new SmartServ Pro system now offers energy management teams an all-encompassing solution to the problem of monitoring and compliance, at a relatively low-cost ( 

The system provides instant access to real-time performance data for each individual drainage product and gives early warning of any issues. 

The benefits this brings include not just effortless oversight, compliance and optimum asset performance, but also significant time and cost-savings for a company. 

James Curran, Kingspan’s Commercial Director, advises: “Proactive pollution prevention, such as via early fault warnings on SmartServ Pro, is now more important than ever.  

“SmartServ Pro has been developed in line with Kingspan’s commitment to Planet Passionate, a series of ambitious targets to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.”

How can SmartServ Pro help FMs save time and money?

Once installed, SmartServ Pro sends alerts to users about the need for servicing and emptying/tankering of an asset as and when required, rather than simply when a maintenance contract requires it. 

This intelligent monitoring solutions avoids the disruption and costs, as well as the additional carbon footprint associated with unnecessary tankering.  It also ensures a clear management plan is in place – all of which can be outsourced to the Kingspan Service team if required.  

Predictive maintenance support is provided through an online platform and this also gives immediately notification of a drop in performance of any individual asset along with details of the problem (ie. which component is failing).  This gives teams the all information they need to action a repair in good time, reducing the risk of local underground pollution, which can occur when drainage products fail.

Furthermore, SmartServ Pro acts as an asset register for a company, providing detailed, easy to access data which can be exported/shared as needed. 

James continues: “Separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are not fit-and-forget products; they need regular servicing and maintenance. 

“Many businesses choose to service them based on historic precedent rather than need – in other words when it’s been done in the past.  That’s unnecessary and it’s very wasteful.  Added to which, you could be fined for not complying to EN 858-2 guidelines, or prosecuted for polluting the local environment.”

“Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro solves all these issues.  It’s a big step forward from previous asset management solutions – even those which currently use sensor technology and end-user text alerts.  And users can be confident that the system is built on tried and trusted technology and software, backed by Kingspan know-how.” 

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