Bubble Envelopes- An Important Packaging Solution

There are times when you choose to post some items in the mail which need more protection than common paper envelopes. And this type of envelope is also the perfect thing when it comes to transferring items and packaging online that are flat yet sensitive. Being available in different sizes, these envelopes are available in plastic or paper covered outer layer and these also feature bubble wrap layers inside the envelopes. One of the best things about this type of envelope is that you can easily get this from different reputable sources in the UK like Bestbuyenvelopes.

Why do businesses prefer bubble envelopes?

Businesses often have to send mails or some other delicate items through posts. And the padded envelopes work as the safest bet in these cases. These envelopes come with stronger paper made outer layer and an additional protective lining made of recycled fibers or plastic bubble wraps, which protect the items placed inside the envelopes during handling and transition. Some of the reasons why businesses bubble envelopes are:

  • These envelopes are puncture resistant and strong mailbags that can protect the items against all the hazards of shipping. 
  • Apart from being highly cost-effective, these mailers are also lightweight and therefore these require less postage cost than shipping boxes.
  • Some of these envelopes also come with self-sealing abilities, which save the time of insertion and fastening. Besides, there is no chance of tampering security.
  • These envelopes can be used numerous times and can also be recycled when needed.

Different use of bubble envelopes:

Bubble envelopes are used to carry different products. Here is a list of items for which these envelopes are the best packaging option:

  1. Small gifts: There are times when companies have to send some gift items to the clients or employees. In these cases, the use of padded envelopes ensures the safe arrival of the gifts at the desired destinations.
  2. CD and DVD: These are one of the items, which need some additional protection when these are sent through the mail. Here the bubble wraps in the padded envelopes protect CDs and DVDs from the heavy pressure of other items. Besides, using this kind of envelope also eliminates the requirement of using cardboard boxes, which are heavy and result in additional postal charges.
  3. Photographs and documents: When it comes to sending photographs from one place to another, it is important to choose the safest delivery option. It is because if the photographs are folded or pressed hard while handling or during transit, then the quality of the image can suffer a lot. Besides, this type of packaging solution plays an important role when it comes to transferring important official documents in a good and safe condition. Using bubble envelopes ensure that the documents are transferred in undamaged, unfolded, properly packed, and clean condition.
  4. Promotional items: This is especially true for the eCommerce businesses where companies need to send some promotional goods, company leaflets, magazines etc. to the existing customers, potential buyers or clients, resellers, and employees to allure them. Sending these items through bubble envelopes ensure that these things reach the recipient’s address in intact condition.

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