D-Link Unveils Fever Screening Camera Kit

D-Link, a market leader in surveillance solutions, has announced the launch of its all-new Group Temperature Screening Camera (DCS-9500T). The DCS-9500T is an all-in-one, intelligent fever screening kit that comes complete with dual-lens thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and management software.

As efforts are in place around the world to track the development of COVID-19, the DCS-9500T combines thermal imaging technology with AI to identify if a person is experiencing elevated temperatures, and raises the alarm automatically should this be detected. Engineered specifically for monitoring large, busy areas – such as schools, factories, office buildings, airports or hospitals – the technology provides fast skin-surface temperature detection for up to 30 individuals simultaneously at a >0.3°C accuracy.

The all-in-one fever screening device includes a high accuracy camera with a wide-angle thermal lens, as well as an uncooled IRFPA 400×300 microbolometer high-resolution thermal sensor, allowing for razor-sharp thermal imaging and precise results when identifying those with a temperature. Together with the Full HD optical imaging sensor, the camera can create exceptional high-quality footage that overlays both thermal and optical images into one.

The DCS-9500T features unique AI-based technology, providing ±0.3°C real-time medical-grade accuracy, as well as intuitive facial recognition technology, integrated within the comprehensive management software.

The fever screening solution is ONVIF compatible, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. Additionally, the camera includes PoE support, making it even more flexible for easy installation in larger spaces such as universities, airports and hospitals.

The DCS-9500T Group Temperature Screening Camera features include:

  • Temperatures of up to 30 people, measured simultaneously in real-time, within 30ms
  • Dual-lens with high-resolution (400 x 300 pixels) thermal sensor and Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) CMOS sensor
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Sound alarm alert with 2 x alarm out interfaces
  • Snapshot with temperature reading
  • Facial recognition
  • Alarms for strangers and known people (against a preloaded database)
  • Ability to set a temperature range
  • Temperature searches
  • Management software can manage up to 32 cameras

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