LEDriving® working lights enable construction to continue around the clock

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A specialist range of LED driving and working lights have been launched to help the construction industry, enabling work to continue safely through the night thanks to their industrial levels of illumination.

During this unprecedented time, the construction industry is playing a major role in helping to maintain key infrastructure and with several health and safety risks on site, it is important that work can take place safely and securely with efficient visibility, 24/7.

Launched by automotive OE lighting specialist, OSRAM, the LEDriving® driving and working lights range offers a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns, with various illumination profiles including spot, wide and combo.

There are four series to choose from: Multifunctional, Functional, Slim and Value, with three LEDriving® working lights available within the Multifunctional series, which have been specially designed for off-road applications, allowing work to continue into the night.

The LEDriving CUBE MX85-SP and -WD versions combine two LED lighting performances: a working light and a stylish ‘X’ shape light.

The CUBE MX85 is available in a Spot (SP) version, which offers a far-field illumination beam of up to 110 metres with a 13.5° beam angle. There is also a wide-beam pattern (WD) version, which is specialised for near-field illumination with a light beam of up to 55 metres and a particularly wide-beam angle of 43.5°. These two products only work with 12V applications.

LEDriving LIGHTBAR MX140-WD can be used with 12V and 24V applications and offers wide beam patterns, producing a powerful far field illumination up to 60 metres. The product has a robust and compact design with a long lifetime of up to 5000 hours.

The LED light provides an extremely high optic efficiency, homogeneous light distribution and reduced glare to improve visibility, even during compromised daylight.

All OSRAM LEDriving® driving and working lights are rigorously tested under the most extreme environmental conditions to ensure premium quality light for any situation.

This includes testing for competence in the field of environmental simulation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025; fully adhering to ECE regulations; light measurement to ensure high performance; vibration and shock testing to check for mechanical robustness; water resistance testing, achieving the highest IP protection class, IP4X; dust resistance testing, classifying as IP5X and IP6X; and salt spray testing to prevent chemical corrosion.

All the products in the range come with a five-year OSRAM guarantee, providing customers with complete reassurance.

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