Notable Industry Trends For 60V Power Tools

As is the case in many other industries, the power tools industry is experiencing profound changes owing to the development and advancement of power tool technology. With competition always strong among the industry players in the power tool sector, the onus has been on power tool manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve in their industry. The introduction of the Durofix 60V DXP range of power tools ensures Durofix stays at the forefront of the various industry-wide trends in the power tools industry.

Some of the trends in the power tools industry include:

Innovations In Battery Technology

The past decade has seen a shift to cordless power tools. Tools such as circular saws, impact drivers, hammer drills, impact wrenches, band saws, and crimpers now have an integrated battery system that powers the tool. This does away with the need for power cords and in the case of pneumatic tools, air cords as well. Consequently, workers in the construction, industrial, automotive, and many other industries can now enjoy a cordless (and safer) work environment.

However, the current trend is to go beyond the basic integration of battery packs into power tools. There is a push to improve the power density of the battery packs and enhance the battery management systems, all the while trying to reign in on the notoriously heavy weight of the battery packs without compromising performance and endurance.

In the past, improvements on the battery pack front have been driven by changing from nickel-based batteries to lithium-based batteries. However, power tools makers are now forced to innovate further and improve lithium batteries as well.

Durofix 60V DXP has been engineered to offer 35% more run time by using advanced Li-ion batteries. The tools draw less current, thereby generating less heat leading to longer run times and longer battery life.

Improvements In The Efficiency Of Power Tools

While improving the efficiency of the battery pack has taken precedence in the power tools development race, more and more power tool manufacturers have realized there is a benefit to optimizing other areas of their tools. Manufacturers are now engineering power tools that not only last long but perform their function with maximum efficiency. This improves the run time of the power tool while maximizing the power delivery of the tools.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of power tools has always been an Achilles heel for the tools. Power tools need regular recalibration, oiling, part replacements, and other repairs. There is a push among power tool manufacturers to design products that are cost-efficient on the maintenance front, thereby lowering the cost of ownership.

Improved User Experience

Finally, there is a push to improve the user experience of power tools, especially among the new generation of cordless power tools. Naturally, some of the efforts have gone to reducing the weight of the tools. However, there many other areas of improvement that the tools have experienced. These include improving the cooling of the tools, integration of better torque output control units, compacting the tool design, and much more.

There has also a push to improve the safety of the tools with a focus on reducing the noise and vibrations generated by the tools.

The Durofix 60V DXP range of power tools has taken giant leaps in improving the user experience. The tools feature a compact design, enhanced cooling, and advanced Patented Electronic Torque Control for precise torque control, and many other improvements to the ultimate user experience.


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