Trick Your Eyes: 4 Magic Tips to Make Your Small Space Look Spacious

Everyone can’t afford to buy a 4000 sq. Ft. villa. Buying a house with master bedrooms, a spacious living room, an airy kitchen, and giant-sized washrooms requires a lot of money. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a small square feet house look spacious, comfortable, and airy. The way you decorate your place, choose furniture, select color palette, and organize things can really sprinkle incredible impact in a small space.

The good thing is that despite having a small space, you don’t have to live with the feeling of living in a cramped and messy place. It is easier to break the code of coming up with a living room that looks bigger than it really is.

Here are some tricks and tips to fool your eyes, and make your space look bigger:

Don’t Cramp Up Space:

You might like to put a giant sofa to give an expensive touch to your place, but it really does no good for space. Big-size furniture, unnecessary cupboards, useless tables, and excessive art pieces do nothing to make a living room look plush and beautiful. In fact, they blow up the whole comfy vibes and leave little space to walk without bumping into stray furniture.

So, avoid overstuffed sofas and unnecessary space eaters and go with sleek designed, and multipurpose furniture that can serve multiple functions in one go. For example, a tufted ottoman can serve as a coffee table, footrest, and an extra sitting option. 

Use Bi-Folding Doors:

Making a small room look bigger is all about playing your cards smartly and getting the best out of your space. Using elements to splash the vibes of openness and movement do wonder when it is about tricking the spacious vibes. So, instead of going with a solid door, insert a bi-folding door between the living room and the dining room.

This way, we can use this door as a wall when required, and fold all the doors and connect both places if you want to add some more space if you have to host a party. See? Like Bi Fold Doors UK, the addition of just one thing can change the whole dimension of your room without much effort.

Light Up the Room with Lights:

Using the right lighting can really change the feel of the room like magic. It goes without saying that you should let natural shine light up the room during the day. It makes your room brighter and cozy. But for the night, let lights do the trick for keeping the brightness of the room intact. If you feel that floor light will take a massive chunk of useful space, go with pendant lighting, wall or ceiling fixtures, string lights, or/and slimline bar. Use lighting throughout the space to bring a bright and warm feeling.

Use the Right Color Palette:

The colors you splash on your walls play a huge role in defining the feel of the space. We all know that lighter colors reflect light, giving your room a feeling of calm and brightness. So, instead of using dark hues, light colors, like white, beige, and lighter tones of blue, open up your space.

The living room is a place where you spend most of your day watching television, chit-chatting with family members, or simply cozying on the couch. So, it feels good if your living room looks organized, airy, and spacious. Use the tricks mentioned above to get such feels – they really work!


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