8 Business Ideas to Start from Your Van

Hard up Britons looking for a new line of work are being urged to invest in a van and overhaul their careers and job prospects. The vehicle experts at have compiled a list of the businesses you can start from your van in a bid to encourage people to make the most of their vehicles and create new streams of income. 

Vans are commonly associated with builders, plumbers and other tradespeople but there are hundreds of different businesses you can start from your vehicle depending on your skills.

Suggestions include furniture restoration, setting up your own cleaning business, becoming a mobile hairdresser or enjoying the outdoors and starting your own gardening firm. Also, depending on the type of business you’re running, it would be best to purchase a vehicle. It will be closely related to how frequently you put your hands to work. Decision to start business is an amazing choice. Especially considering the fact that you can buy college assignments and be immersed into the work of your choice. Once you’ve been dedicating enough time to your business, it might be the right time to move forward. Find here more vans for sale so you don’t miss the best deal for you.

A spokesperson for said: “Most people buy a van for labouring work but don’t think they’re just for tradespeople.  A van is ideal for any business which requires driving to different places and lots of equipment.

“There are hundreds of businesses you can start; it all depends on your interests and skills. Having a larger vehicle simply means more flexibility and options if you’re looking at working for yourself.”

Here are’s suggestions on businesses you can start from your van:

Cleaning company

If you love the look and feel of a super clean and tidy home, general domestic cleaning services would be a great focus. This could include more niche services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning or even pool cleaning, depending on your clientele.

Targeting big business parks is another option, as many companies will outsource their office cleaning to small agencies. Your van will provide ample room for all your cleaning supplies and with some nice branding on the sides, could really help your business succeed.


For budding interiors experts, setting up your own painting and decorating company could be an enjoyable, fuss-free way of making money.

Start by offering your new services to family and friends to build up some experience before taking to your van and extending your services further afield. It’ll be relatively low cost, too, and you can build up your inventory over time.


Not everyone has the time to tend to their outside space so gardening could be the perfect job for green-fingered Brits. A van is ideal for transporting all the tools and equipment you need.  Simply start working for a neighbour and work your way up to an empire.

Dog walking

Animal lovers might love nothing more than the idea of getting to take four-legged friends on mini-adventures day in, day out, so make this idea a reality by offering dog walking services in and around your local area.

This business idea has one of the lowest start-up costs as all you’ll need is your van to pick up your canine chums, and lots of stamina! Remember to make sure you have all the correct insurances in place and your van is safely kitted out inside.

Pet grooming

Similarly, starting a pet grooming business might be another ideal for animal lovers, but this one requires more training, qualifications and a larger start-up cost.

Certain dogs need regular haircuts with styles varying, and grooming depending on the breed, so you’ll need to receive some proper training in advance.


Once you have all the equipment, certificates and licenses, you’ll be able to use your van to ship tasty feasts to the required location. Start small by offering buffet-style spreads before finding and developing your niche.

Mobile hairdresser

If you already have the relevant training, experience and work or have worked as a hairdresser in the past, going it alone as a mobile hairdresser could be the business venture for you, especially right now when everyone’s desperate for a trim.

You’ll be able to stock your van with everything you need and take to the road to make every day a good hair day for your clients. 

Furniture restorer

If furniture renovations are your thing, start making money out of it by commissioning restoration pieces to clients.

You can find fantastic, cheap pieces of furniture in charity shops and second-hand stores which will fit into your van with ease, then you can jazz them up accordingly before delivering them to buyers.


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