Brushtec Launches the Sweepertec Range

Sweepertec is Brushtec’s popular forked vehicle brush attachment range. Known for its extreme durability and longevity, the Sweepertec is the best choice for swift, efficient, indoor, and outdoor cleaning.

Brushtec is now proud to announce that the Sweepertec 2800 is available for purchase. At 2800mm wide Sweepertec 2800 is the largest in our Sweepertec range, supplementing the Sweepertec 2000 and Sweepertec 1200 to provide sweeping performance for the largest of areas.

Size aside, the main feature of the Sweepertec 2800 are its wings which act as a scoop for pushing large quantities of finer debris into position. Continuing from our core philosophy of durability through simplicity the Sweepertec 2800 is quick to assemble, provides excellent performance, and requires no maintenance.

With a hot dip galvanised steel frame, a Sweepertec is protected for use in harsh environmental conditions – such as slurry – without the fear of corrosion.

The Sweepertec brushes are the only one on the market to come as one-piece, highly durable brush backs – no rows of flimsy bristle tied together. This means that with its heavy duty 2.2mm bristles the Sweepertec can clear any debris from snow and slurry, to grain and stone.

When sweeping is completed, the Sweepertec needs only to be put down and unclipped; the heavy-duty bristles are self-supporting – no need to waste time setting the brush on a stand.

Excellent performance, and no hassle, allowing you to get cleaning done quickly and onto other jobs.


  • Highly durable, heavy-duty, welded steel chassis with no moving parts to break.
  • Resistance to corrosion due to the hot-dip galvanising.
  • Hot-dip galvanising has the ability to self-heal scratches to its surface.
  • 16 to 20 rows of stiff long-life bristle which are so rigid and strong as to be self-supporting without a stand, make the Sweepertec the best performance yard sweeper on the market.
  • 100% British made.

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