Demand Grows for COVID-19 Tech Solutions

Technology will play a vital role in providing reassurance and protection to individuals – both in commercial and residential property. That’s the view from 2N, a global market leader in internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, as commercial and residential property managers, architects and planners seek innovative solutions to help maintain physical distancing and hygiene measures.

The value of technology to manage access to buildings or floor levels for colleagues, invited guests and deliveries is becoming more widely recognised. Technology enables social interaction at a safe distance whilst protecting buildings from strangers.

Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N, says: “COVID-19 has brought new challenges for the commercial and residential property sector and as a consequence we are seeing increasing demand for our technology. Previously, our customers focused on providing convenience, flexibility and security but times have changed. These factors remain important but architects, planners and property managers are looking at ways to help occupiers maintain physical distancing and hygiene practices. We have launched a new 3D animation tool to support the planning process and help deliver the right solutions for their buildings.”

2N has developed the new 3D animation initiative to help architects, planners and property managers identify areas in their buildings that would benefit from access control and door communications.

2N’s Virtual Experience application takes users on a virtual tour of both residential buildings, including apartment blocks and family homes, and commercial spaces to learn more about relevant products via 360° rotation and how they can be adapted to meet specific needs.

In addition, the application enables occupiers to see how the technology can directly benefit them by providing a new level of safety and security. This includes the ability to answer the intercom via mobile phone and open doors remotely.


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