A Guide to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chairs


Do you want something iconic for your garden or patio? You can choose the bean bag chairs. Remember, bean bags are making a comeback in different styles. These are perfect for every situation. Feel free to visit Zanui for bean bag chairs to buy stylish and durable furniture.

Some high-quality bean bags are available in the market to fit in your home. Here are some essential considerations for the selection of the best bean bag chairs.

Fabric is a Crucial Factor

Beans bags don’t have any frame; therefore, you have to focus on the fabric. Fortunately, you can find bean bag chairs in different types of fabrics. Each fabric has its own qualities. Vinyl is a durable and common material. It may feel sticky and warm during hot days. If you are living in a hot climate, avoid getting vinyl bean bag chairs.

Cotton may be a suitable substitute for vinyl, and it is breathable and comfortable. This material is not durable and resistant to stains. With kids and pets in the home, you can’t choose bean bag chairs.

Polyester is another fabric with several benefits. It is economical and durable for homeowners. The expensive polyester may come with special coatings for stain-resistant, mold-resistant and water-repellent qualities. Moreover, polyester looks cheap.

Leather is a durable fabric with a luxurious feel. It is expensive and needs proper maintenance. Moreover, microsuede is soft, comfortable and luminous-looking. Similar to cotton, it is difficult to deal with microsuede with stains and spills.

Shape of Bean Bag Chair

In the past, these were available in round shape, but it has different styles. Nowadays, plenty of shapes are available to fit your space and preferences. If you have limited space in your room, choose a rectangle bean bag chair.

Moreover, the sofa like shapes can give an exclusive look to your bean bags. These add a unique element of comfort and fun. An oversized bean bag is suitable for a large space. It will decrease the emptiness of your space. On oversized bean bag chairs, you can rest your legs and bags comfortably. For tall loungers, it will be a suitable option.

Best Places for Bean Bag Chairs

By using a bean bag as an accent piece of your bedroom, you can decrease its chances of wear and tear. Consider the theme of your room while selecting a bean bag. Make sure to choose a durable and comfortable fabric.

Moreover, you can buy a bean bag chair for children’s room. Polyester bean bags are suitable for kids room. For your gaming room, you will need a durable bean bag with lots of filling. You have to select a safe filling for your bean bag.

If you have pets and children around, you can avoid polystyrene beads or bead beans. These may increase the chances of safety hazards. Avoid an easy to tear bean bag because these can increase choking hazards. Recyclable or wood shavings are pet-friendly options. Focus on the construction of a bag to ensure tight stitching.


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