Key Safety And Wellbeing Concerns For Construction Company Owners In The Covid-19 Era


Construction company owners are required to prioritise health and safety at all times, but there is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of following guidelines. As more and more employees return to work, and projects get underway across the country, here are some key safety and wellbeing concerns for bosses to be aware of. 

New safety regulations

The Covid-19 crisis has prompted company owners across all industries to introduce new measures, which are designed to promote safety and reduce the risk of infection. The situation is changing all the time, and it’s critical for business owners to be aware of new policies and guidelines and to ensure that every site is compliant. In addition to enforcing new measures, it’s also crucial for bosses to communicate with customers and employees to make sure they are aware of new guidance. All employees should be familiar with any new ways of working that have been introduced to create safer workplaces. Providing training is beneficial, and it’s also wise to organise regular meetings to ensure that every individual is up to date. 

Employee mental health and wellbeing

The last few months have been incredibly tough for many people, especially those who have experienced financial issues or lost loved ones as a result of the pandemic. As an employer, it’s beneficial to provide support for employees and to understand the potential risk factors and symptoms of mental health disorders and low morale. In addition to providing advice linked to seeking medical assistance and support, employers can help to bring teams together, reduce stress and create more harmonious workplaces by encouraging collaboration and socialisation, facilitating open communication and providing regular updates about how the business is adapting to the crisis. Virtual meetings are standard practice now, but you don’t have to limit your usage of online programmes and platforms to organising endless meetings and project debriefs. Make time for social events, celebrate milestones and hitting goals as a team and make use of safe ways to have fun at the end of a long week by planning a virtual party or a pub quiz or hiring a virtual photo booth. Simple things like catching up with colleagues you haven’t seen in a long time and checking in with employees who might be prone to stress can make a positive difference and boost morale. 

By asking questions about what you can do to help an employee, you might even discover you can improve your business through new healthcare software and similar tools – you wouldn’t have known about them unless you asked and your team told you what they needed.

Preventing accidents and injuries

Working in construction poses risks. At the moment, the headlines are dominated by Coronavirus news, but that doesn’t mean that other threats have disappeared. As a site manager or a company owner, you should ensure that all the standard health and safety procedures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as introducing new measures to create Covid-secure settings. Refresh training, provide high-quality, approved PPE and make sure every employee is familiar with the most recent health and safety guidelines. 

Construction company owners face challenges to promote safety at the best of times, but the pandemic poses unique problems. As an employer, it’s essential to ensure you are aware of key safety and wellbeing concerns to keep customers and employees safe. 


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