Land Clearing Makes Sites Safe And Suitable For Construction

A local development corporation has plans to redevelop an area of 4,500 acres in the North East of England in order to house several new industries. The former steelworks at Redcar will first need to undergo major demolition works, but clearing the land could pave the way to a prosperous future for the local area. When transforming large sites for new construction developments, it’s easy to see the long-term benefits that land clearing can bring. However, even on a smaller scale, the removal of dangerous materials, diseased trees or potentially hazardous dry wood can ensure its suitability for use and improve the safety of nearby communities.

  Preparing Land For Construction 

Following the completion of constructions in Shanghai, Berlin and Nevada, the next Tesla Gigafactory is to be built near Austin Texas on a site covering over 2,000 acres. Preparation is key for such a large construction, and Tesla have now commenced clearing and preparing the land for development. Clearing a large site like this is a huge undertaking and requires state of art equipment and land development experts to complete the project to the highest standard. Professional land clearing and property clean up services will clear away brush and trees. In addition, by liaising with local authorities, sites with potential issues such as power lines or pipelines are quickly dealt with, allowing construction to commence without delay. As it took just 168 days to finish the gigafactory in Shanghai, a prompt start to the project would be highly desirable.   

Removing Diseased Trees And Plants

When land has been abandoned and left unused for a long period of time, the rotting wood it houses may attract pests and encourage disease, which can quickly spread to surrounding areas. If the land is to become useful again, extensive clearing is necessary to wipe out any infestation. Although only recently discovered in the UK, serious fungus-like bacteria have also been found to cause damage to a range of trees and plants in both the USA and Europe. As the disease spreads quickly to otherwise healthy trees and plants, infected trees can be completely removed, even in environmentally protected areas. To thoroughly destroy the disease, a larger area of containment is cleared to stop it from spreading further.  

Preventing The Spread Of Wildfires

Even if it doesn’t house pests and other infestations, land filled with debris, rotting wood and dead tree stumps can be hazardous to anyone who needs to access it. In California, dry brush and wood are also highly flammable. By clearing it away and thinning out trees, local authorities hope to prevent the spread of deadly wildfires. Although there are strict regulations in place to protect land from potential environmental damage, these have been eased in areas close to communities that could become vulnerable to fire damage. To offset major clearing projects, other initiatives are planned that will help to naturally balance the protection of valuable forests, while at the same time managing the destructive spread of wildfires.    

From preparing huge construction sites to ensuring the safety of local communities, there are many reasons to use professional services to clear land of hazardous debris, pests and dead wood. Land clearance is an integral to the construction of new developments as the building work itself.


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