Babcock’s Rosyth site is the first UK user of Meiko’s automated respirator washing technology, which provides Log 5 protection.

“Along with being able to evidence compliance with regulations, we know that our people are supplied with fully maintained kit, to the highest levels of cleanliness,” says Colin Chrystal, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager at Babcock’s Rosyth site.

“We anticipate being able to fully inspect, disinfect and maintain 60 units per day, comfortably. Babcock’s Rosyth site is currently washing 10 masks per day using the Meiko TopClean M Cleaning and Disinfection system (3M 6000 full face respirators and 3M 7500 half mask respirators).

“We are also investigating the possibility of cleaning our powered Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) head tops using the same system (3M M-200 series Versaflo and Speedglas head tops).”

Babcock’s Rosyth site is home to one of the largest waterside manufacturing and repair facilities in the UK, and is embarking on a new era of digitising its facilities and systems to bring advancements and efficiencies into its manufacturing, build and assembly processes.

It has retained a Five Star safety award for 18 consecutive years and has been awarded the Sword of Honour on 12 occasions from the British Safety Council. The site’s Safety Management System has been audited by Lloyd’s Register to the OHSAS 18001 standard, from which it will transition to ISO 45001 in August.

Continues Colin Chrystal, “The previous process was to issue RPE to the individual, who was responsible for undertaking the cleaning and inspection of the RPE. However, we then took the decision to have all cleaning, maintenance, inspection and record keeping undertaken by trained warehouse operatives.

“Our previous care and maintenance process relied on the person cleaning, inspecting and maintaining their RPE, and then recording it on a form that was passed to their Supervisor. We identified that a central pool with trained maintainers would improve this and our ability to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the PPE Regulations and HSG 53.

“To achieve this, we had to move our provision of RPE from a one person, one mask system, to a pool system. We identified the Meiko TopClean M as key to ensuring support from our people. Being able to demonstrate the log 5* reduction in germ contamination was key to winning the hearts and minds of the individuals using it.”

The new system should prove more ‘sustainable’ in terms of water/chemicals/energy savings.

“An additional benefit is that, because we have moved to a pool system, the cost of supplying new RPE to individuals has reduced. The maintenance process is now environmentally efficient; our trained warehouse employees assess and inspect the RPE and replace parts, as required. We are now in a position where future projects will benefit from this process in term of costs and our people receiving the best kit. 

“Along with being able to evidence compliance with regulations, etc, we know that individuals are supplied with fully maintained kit, to the highest levels of cleanliness.”

Introducing the new cleaning and disinfection process required on-site support and training from Meiko UK. Colin Chrystal rates the support from Meiko: “Good – all of our queries have been answered almost immediately!” 

Babcock Rosyth site is using Meiko’s TopClean M mask cleaning basket system.

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* Log reduction is a measure of how thoroughly a decontamination process reduces the concentration of a contaminant or pathogen. The greater the log reduction, the more effective the product is at killing bacteria and other pathogens that can cause infections.

A Log 5 reduction equates to 99.999% killing of pathogens.

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