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INDUSTRY-LEADING home staging company Lemon and Lime Interiors has announced the launch of its brand-new app – Stageflow – which offers estate agents, property developers and home stagers the ability to evidence the benefits and return on investment when using a home staging service. 


The real-time data and reporting platform provides users with the ability to log and access home staging insights, enabling them to demonstrate the positive impact home staging has on property sales and ultimately encouraging sellers to use the service to speed up the sales process. 

Estate agents, developers and home stagers can use the app to download real-time text and visual reports that are filtered by date, location, property type and sale price – these reports can then be used to inform marketing materials, sent to potential clients and shared on social media. 

Elaine Penhaul, owner and director of Lemon and Lime Interiors and creator of Stageflow, said: “There has been a gap in the market for something like this for quite some time now. The benefits of home staging are often incredibly undervalued and without a tool to evidence the fantastic results home staging can achieve, the industry struggles to prove the return on investment of staging a property before sale.

“With estate agents, property developers and other home staging companies experiencing the same challenges, we decided to create a data-driven platform to house the statistics and reports needed to show the benefits of staging to potential clientele, while also ensuring that the industry is supported by tangible data recording its success.” 

The app offers two levels of subscription, both of which allow an unlimited number of users for each account. 

The ‘insights’ subscription package, aimed at estate agents and developers, grants instant access to national property staging statistics and demonstrates the return on investment when using home staging services for just £10 a month. The more advanced ‘professional’ subscription package, designed with home staging businesses in mind and priced at £50 a month, allows access to all the ‘insight’ features, as well as the tools to manage staging projects, access stager level visual reporting and log resource hours and inventory. 

The ‘professional’ subscription also provides home stagers with a platform to manage home staging projects digitally, allowing them to create unlimited property records, assign properties to consultants, update each project as it progresses, gain insights about their business along the way and use filters to source the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Elaine continued: “Not only does Stageflow enable users to pull reports about the effectiveness of home staging, but it can also act as a project management tool for home staging businesses. By logging projects digitally, stagers can easily monitor the progress of each property and use the platform to maximise output by keeping track of activity within the business.”

The app, which is available for use in desktop, tablet or mobile use,will be available to sign up from 10th August. For more information about Stageflow and to sign up for your subscription visit

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