Sustainable Asphalt Solution for Trench Reinstatement

Sustainable Asphalt Solution for Trench Reinstatement

Global building materials supplier CEMEX presents VIAMAIN, a sustainable alternative to conventional materials designed with the utility contractor in mind. The benefits it delivers include improved air void compliance and a reduction in the number of defects associated with trench reinstatements through enhanced workability and compaction properties. 

Furthermore, the enhanced durability means VIAMAIN has a significantly decreased whole life carbon footprint compared to traditionally used materials. This can be further reduced by the use of a Warm Mix version VIAMAIN ECO.

“For our customers the risk of defects associated with trench reinstatements is one of the major issues they face and by using VIAMAIN they’re seeing a reduction in both visual and core defects, which saves their business money in defect charges and rectification,” explained Martin Ashfield, National Technical Manager (Asphalt & Surfacing) for CEMEX UK.

“The sustainability benefits are an added advantage, as we are seeing more and more customers looking to choose more eco-friendly options for their projects. We offer a wide range of sustainable products to our customers for all types of work and we continue to collaborate with others to increase our eco range.”

CEMEX customers, D T Hughes Contractors and Ryeland Developments, are two out of 120 that have switched to VIAMAIN for their multiple trench reinforcement projects.

Liam Cannon, Reinstatement Manager at D T Hughes, said: “VIAMAIN has lowered air voids by roughly 50% and lowered the number of defect complaints received.  It’s an all-round better product visually and because it passes the air content test saving the company money and time.”

CEMEX has partnered with Shell Bitumen as their leading Bitumen supplier in the UK and Carl Platt, Director of Asphalt, Paving, and Building Products for Europe, said: “It’s important to us that we offer sustainable and durable solutions to customers. We’ve been working with Shell Bitumen in the UK for a long time and they understand our business and strategic priorities.  Increasing our sustainable product range aligns to our strategy and Shell’s robust supply chain and quality products support us to deliver a reliable high standard to our customers.”

VIAMAIN mixes are fully compliant with the requirements of the Specification for the Reinstatement of Opening for Highways and mixes are available as a 20mm binder course and a 10mm & 6mm surface course, all of which fully conform to BS EN 13108-1.

The product is providing customers with a lot more confidence in the durability of their reinstatement work and Ryeland Developments Operations Manager, Callum Whitfield, said: “VIAMAIN is far superior to standard 6mm batches, operatives prefer to lay the material and customers are happier with the end-product.”


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