3 Trendiest Kitchen Designs of 2020


Whether you’re buying your first home or creating your forever home, looking at custom home builder pictures online is a major part of the process. Whether you scour Pinterest, home-improvement magazines or Google, looking for inspiration is one of the best parts of the design and building process. If you’re wanting to stay on trend and create a kitchen that’s modern, unique and beautiful to be in, here are three of 2020’s biggest kitchen-design ideas. 

1. Natural Lighting 

Our eyes are around so much light every day. From increased computer usage to overhead lighting we have to use, why not build on lighting the sun provides every day? If your kitchen is in a location that the sun hits often, you can add more windows or skylights to bring in the natural light. This idea will brighten up the space and make mornings less harsh as the sun works its way in. You will still need some overhead lighting for when it’s dark out, or you just want to have a different mood in the kitchen, but the additional lighting can be minimal or complementary to your natural-lighting ideas. 

2. Butler’s Pantries

Having enough space in a kitchen is key to making detailed dinners or hosting fun events. A butler’s pantry addition is a perfect way to give your kitchen extra space while hiding the mess that goes into cooking. It’s an enlarged pantry, more like a separate room, where you can put your dishwasher and have a ton of extra space for cutting, storage and hiding the clean-up that goes into hosting large dinner parties and events. If you’ve ever wanted a secret room like spies have and love to cook, a butler’s pantry can let you live out your hidden dream while crafting up the best recipes possible. 

3. Bright Appliances

If you love bright colors and vibrant hues but thought they only belonged in your Barbie dream house, think again. Bold colors in your kitchen appliances are one of the trendiest ideas to try. You can have subtle tones in your cabinetry, counter space and lighting but then choose bolder, more colorful pieces for your oven, stove or fridge. These choices can serve as statement pieces without being too overwhelming. You can create a kitchen that’s truly unique and that none of your friends have while also showcasing your personality and favorite colors. Kitchens already promote a sense of togetherness and happiness because who doesn’t love food, but cheerful colors enhance and build upon the positive mood of your kitchen. 

They say home is where the heart is, and creating an environment that radiates your personality, wishes and views makes your heart even fonder about your home. As current trends shift and update, you can work with custom builders to craft a kitchen that suits your family’s needs and desires. While it’s ultimately your choice in how you style, decorate and lay out your kitchen, looking at what’s trending keeps your ideas fresh and full of life. 


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