5 Signs 2020 Is Set to be the Year of Mobile Gaming


Throughout 2020, the gaming industry has seen a wave of new, innovative and groundbreaking releases, both in terms of new gaming titles, and better platforms for enhances gameplay. A few things, however, have remained the same, with one of the most notable being that mobile gaming continues to steal the show within the industry.

With billions of users worldwide, and a staggering variety of titles from which users can cherry pick their favourites, and amass their own affordable and easy-portable libraries, tech firms and game developers alike are now investing more than ever into enhancing the mobile user’s experience, and solidifying the devices’ status as one of the greatest platforms on the market.

Read more about some of the most significant signs that 2020 is on track to represent a significant year for the growth and continued popularity of mobile gaming.

1. Big Name Developers are Focusing on it More than Ever

Given how central our mobile devices are to our everyday lives, it stands to reason that the biggest names in the gaming industry will be constantly seeking out new ways to bring the wider world of gaming to our fingertips – wherever we are, and whenever we want to play.

Take, for instance, the wide variety of online slots at, which have now been optimised – along with all of Manion’s browser games – to translate seamlessly onto a mobile gaming experience.

This same move is reflected in the latest releases from console developers. Xbox’s latest project seeks to make all titles transferrable from console to mobile, in order to ensure that gamers never need to skip a beat when they are away from their set-ups.

2. It is Already Dominating the Global Gaming Industry

Gaming represents an industry worth well over $150 billion, and mobile gaming has long been taking a significant slice of that revenue. By the close of 2019, for instance, $68.5 billion stemmed from the mobile gamer market alone, which accounts for more than 45% of the wider industry’s value.

There are, of course, many factors that give mobile gaming an edge over other platforms. The versatility, ubiquity, and portability of the devices means that the vast majority of us have access to these games, and the lower (or non-existent) costs of app installations mean that, in spending less on each purchase, we are spending more over time.

3. Smartphone Companies are Improving New Phone’s Capabilities

Just last week, MediaTek announced their latest chip designed specifically to enhance mobile gameplay, and dramatically improve upon the limitations of the small screen. Similarly, some of the latest releases – including the Samsung Galaxy Fold – feature advanced technology and higher ram. Most notably, however, it offers a larger screen on which to enjoy enhanced graphics, and to create a more immersive level of gameplay.

The same can be said for smartphone companies across the board, as the competition for increasingly discerning customers grows more and more fierce with each passing year. Consider the fact that the average Brit will spend 120 hours each and every year on their smartphone; that, coupled with the knowledge that gaming comprises one third of all app downloads demonstrates just how lucrative the world of gaming is to phone developers.

There are still a few months left of 2020, and yet we are already able to see a number of marked strides forward for mobile gaming. These are just a few of the ways in which mobile gaming is preparing to maintain its position as a leading force within the gaming industry, and time will tell how far it is able to go.


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