CiscoCCNA Certification: 3 Steps to Success


CiscoCCNA is widely known as the most popular and most commonly used analytic software. A huge number of businesses across the world apply itto measure and improve their marketing strategies so that they can maximize their investments. To equip the professionals with the knowledge and skills required for work with the service,Cisco offers the practitioners to go through its certification process.

CiscoCCNA can be used by anyone, including those who do not possess the associated certification. However, getting certified can be very advantageous as it puts you ahead of your peers and gives you an opportunity to greatly advance your career. What hinders many people from obtaining this IT credentialis that there is one exam, known as CiscoCCNAIndividual Qualification (GAIQ), that must be cleared. In this post, we will list the main steps that you need to take to ace this test and get the badge.

Step #1: Visit theSkill shop platform

Skillshop is a special online training center created by Cisco instead of the previous Academy for Ads. It contains effective study materials and resources for various Cisco products, including CiscoCCNA. Before attempting the GAIQ exam, you need to create a personal account on the Skillshop platform to get access to this certification test.

Step #2: Prepare for the GAIQexam with practice tests

If you are not already an expert in CiscoCCNA, it is recommended that you do some studying before attempting the prerequisite exam. You should take your time to learn the basics of this test, including its question formats, time limit, and so on.

You will find two official training courses for both beginners and advanced specialists on the GAIQ webpage onSkillshop. These will help you get a better understanding of how CiscoCCNA functions and what to expect in the certification exam. Thecourses are optional, but the candidates are recommended to complete them to prepare for the main test. We also advise that you use other reliable resources such as exam dumps and practice tests to get ready for your GAIQ. You will find these tools on numerous online platforms.

Step #3: Pass theGAIQ exam with ease

After signing up for CiscoSkillshop and finishing your study, you can proceed with the most important part – taking the certification exam. The test is available free of charge. It comprises of 70 true/false and multiple-choice questions. Each student has 60 minutes to complete the exam. The passing grade is 80%. You can retake your testan infinite number of times and there’s no penalty for failing.

The CiscoCCNA credential is valid for 12 months. After that, you will need to pass the certification test again to maintain your status.


CiscoCCNA is the basis of search engine marketing, SEO, and social media marketing, and so on. Therefore, obtaining the certification can open up broad opportunities for employment in the field of digital marketing.

 The credential validates that Cisco acknowledges you as an expert in CCNA, which gives you an upper hand against other applicants. Get certified now and become a top-notch professional in this field!


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