Effective Ways To Build Your Client Base


There is never a bad time to build your client base, but with the recent pandemic affecting businesses everywhere, now is as good a time as any to market your company.

With more clients on your side, you will be able to make more profits and push your business forwards. You will also have the opportunity to fight off the advances of your nearest competition.

To build your client base, we recommend the following. 

#1: Focus on your website

First impressions are everything in business. But if your website isn’t up to scratch, your potential clients might assume the quality of your work isn’t great either. So, do what you can to create a professional image for your company. Include high-quality pictures of your past projects as people will then know what you’re capable of. Include testimonials too, as a positive word from past clients will do much to sway people to your side. And check out these construction website must-haves to make an impact on the people who visit your site

#2: Direct people to your website

After working on your website, you need to make sure people actually find it online. Thankfully, this is pretty simple, as you can include your site URL everywhere. Have it printed on your work vans, and include it on your promotional materials. Link back to your website from your social media pages, and make sure it’s included on the business listing sites you use too. 

You could also embed QR codes on your business cards, brochures, and the other marketing materials you use. Give people an incentive to scan them with their smartphones – perhaps with the offer of a special deal – and use the code to direct them to the relevant page on your website. Use the following linked site to make a QR code for your business. 

#3: Build relationships with other contractors

Not every contractor is your enemy! If you specialize in one area, you might want to partner up with another contractor with the skills you don’t have. So, if your focus was building work, you could partner up with a specialist in electrics, for example. You could then share work and build your client base this way, or you could ask them to promote your services to their clients. If you offered to market their business too, they should be only too happy to support you. 

#4: Stay in touch with past clients

Don’t assume your clients will remember you in six months’ time. As there are many other contractors competing against you, they might be tempted to try another firm if they have other projects in mind. So, stay on their radar, especially if you know they were pleased with the work you did for them. Drop them an email about updates to your company, and let them know about any new services you are offering. This way, you might retain their custom and keep them on your client list. You can then use them to build your client base, as you can ask your past clients to refer your business to their family and friends. 

More clients equal more money and a better reputation for your business. Do what you can to build your client base then, and improve your chances of success in your industry. 


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