Grandiose Casino Projects That Marked the Casino Industry


Today, when we think of casinos, right away the first association most likely is Las Vegas. The commercialized picture of Las Vegas that most of us got from the Hollywood movies are flashy spotlights illuminating roads to the biggest lavish-styled casinos where the crowd from all over the world is. But is Las Vegas actually the biggest and only noteworthy casino project out there?

Las Vegas and Its Casino Projects

The life of Las Vegas is relatively young and over the period of half a century, Las Vegas transformed form a town with illegal gambling industry to one of the world’s best-known gambling cities. The development of Las Vegas has roots in partnerships of mafia lords and local businessmen. Step by step and Las Vegas is now the first association of the gambling industry.

There are several casino projects currently happening in Las Vegas which will mark the further expansion of the casino industry. Circa Las Vegas Hotel-Casino, the property of Virgin Hotel Las Vegas with 60,000 square foot (5,574 sq m) casino and 130,000 square foot (12,077 sq m) convention areas in the plan worth $200 million, or the $1.66 billion-worth construction of MSG Sphere casino resort are only some of the casino projects to expect.

The Year of 2021 will also be marked by the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas and the current COVID situation hasn’t stopped the ongoing construction worth $4.6 billion. The resort will contain 3,500 rooms with three hotel brands, space for meetings and banquets, spas across more than 600,000 square feet (55,742 sq m) space. Finally, a 110,000 square foot (10,219 sq m) casino is in the plan. The casino is expected to have slot machines, poker room, table games, private salons, as well as high-limit gambling areas.

When speaking of Las Vegas, the MGM Grand project must be mentioned. The 170,000 square foot (15,794 sq m) space for gambling, entertainment, and hotel marks this casino project as one of the most noteworthy in Las Vegas.

Casino Projects Outside Las Vegas

Some may find it surprising but the world’s biggest casino resorts are not located in Las Vegas. The number one biggest casino project is WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma spread on 600,000 square feet (55,742 sq m)!

As we said, Las Vegas is not the only casino center in the world. Macau has a long history of the gambling industry, a lot longer than in Las Vegas too, and is known as the ‘gambling capital of the world’. The Venetian Macau Casino is the second-largest casino in the world. If you ever travel to Macau, your visit won’t be genuine if you don’t stop by this casino which has a 550,000 square foot (51,096 sq m) gaming space with more than 3,500 slot machines, 800 gaming tables, and areas for sporting events.

Europe is also where you can find other grandiose casino resorts. Portugal is where you can find the largest casino construction in Europe called Lisboa Casino. It stretches along 165,000 square feet (15,329 sq m) and features more than 700 slot machines, more than 20 gaming tables along with a big theater.

Online Casino World

Of course, to the world’s biggest gambling markets, the online gambling industry must be added. In the sea of gambling companies online, there are several that stand out. Some that must be mentioned is 888 Holdings featuring a casino, poker, sport, and bingo brands; then the UK GVC Holdings is another in the group of the largest sports betting and gaming groups. For particular casino games, there are also numerous big online platforms where players can enjoy favourite games.

For example, GG Network is a fast-growing online poker platform. GGPoker as the part of GG Network group provides an excellent poker experience. Numerous unique features and 24/7 availability is what attracts thousands of players all around the world to this big name in online poker entertainment. And the fact that Daniel Negreanu (and poker enthusiasts will know the name) is the face of the GGPoker team speaks a lot about the success of this online poker network.

Final Words On Biggest Casino Projects

All in all, when we think about all the casino projects all around the world as well as in the online market, there are almost limitless options. The biggest casino projects will be hard to track as there are many ongoing plans for building new enormous casino resorts and each company competes with one another. And this only leaves us with magnificent casino resorts to visit today and in the future.


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