How Much Is A Muck Away Lorry Cost


Do you want to hire a muck away lorry and wondering how much it cost? You’re at the right page. Here, we will be discussing all the information you need to know before hiring a lorry.

Let’s first discuss what is a muck away and what it is used for.

What is a Muck Away Lorry?

Muck lorry or a grab hire is used to move heavy waste from sites such as construction, garden or others. Moving heavy objects with a grab hire is becomes very easy and convenient. It uses a hydraulic arm and a bucket to grab the waste and clear it even from the remotest areas.

Why Hire A Much Away Lorry Services?

The first and the biggest advantage of hiring a grab lorry is, it collects a huge amount of waste that’s almost twice any other service can pick up.

On top of it, it is an extremely affordable option to clear the waste. Once hired, the lorry will come to your site at a suitable time and will collect the waste with minimum inconvenience.

Hence, you can say that hiring a muck away lorry is a simple, fast and an affordable way to remove large amounts of waste. All you need to do is to pile up the waste and call a muck away service.

Moreover, it can muck away materials like brick, rubble, wood, soil in large quantities which would otherwise take 3 standards skips.

How Much Is A Muck Away Lorry Cost?

Now, coming to the real question, how much to hire a muck away lorry for Rubbish Removal London?

Well, it depends on certain factors such as the quantity of waste you need to dispose of, the size of lorry you want, the type of waste that’s to be removed and it’s pickup and dispose location.

Muck away lorry generally charges according to the type of waste and it’s weight. This is how the lorry service calculates its cost.

Moreover, the cost of a lorry service also varies as per the locations. Such as, if you happen to live im areas like Dudley, Sturbridge, Wolverhampton etc, the average cost of a standard lorry will be around £160.

Advantages of Hiring A Muck Away Lorry

  • Hiring a muck away lorry is a fast and a hassle-free way to dispose of huge amounts of waste.
  • You do not need any permissions to pick up and clear the waste.
  • It is highly affordable as a standard size lorry can load up to thrice the weight carried by a skip.
  • It doesn’t require any additional labour cost.
  • Quick waste removal without any interference and errors.
  • It is most suitable for the remote areas that are otherwise hard to access.
  • It is suitable for a range of tasks, from your home to any bigger site.
  • Offers great satisfaction as the waste is picked up and disposed of in a proper manner.

So, to conclude, a muck away lorry is an extremely agile and useful vehicle that is used to pick up and dispose a large amount of material or waste. It is one of the fastest and cheap way to get your work done quickly.


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