Live Dealer Casino Studio And Technology In Europe


Europe is the birthplace of industrial civilization and the beginning point of the new casino culture. With most gaming jurisdictions based in Europe, it makes sense for most of the top online casinos with live dealers to benefit from them and the general conditions for online gambling in the European states.

Apart from being controlled and monitored, most of the online casinos open to Europeans offer the most modern live dealer tools and the new sports. Whenever a new tech vendor appears, it typically focuses on the European market before attempting to spread to other areas. In order to provide the best service to their users, software providers will combine generic live casino games with dedicated tables and environments designed exclusively for unique operators and their respective audiences.

Technology Behind live casino studios

The equipment used in live streams is called Optical Camera Recognition. This technique involves capturing any key factor in the gaming room, and then using a video link to broadcast games to casino patrons. If players choose to position their bets, they will use a console that shows on their computer screen. Generally, there is also a live chat operator that gives players a chance to ask for assistance. Optical Camera Detection Technology catches any significant movement, such as the shuffling of cards, the turning of the circle or the delivery of cards. This makes the experience very believable and gives players a chance to enjoy a betting journey that comes true to the one land-based casinos offer to their customers.

Key Elements of live casinos

In order to make the live-dealers betting experience more practical and exciting, live casinos use a variety of core elements that help enhance the simulated betting of players. Of course, depending on the type of game and the digital framework on which it works, there might be some extra features.


The most critical aspect of live dealer games is to catch any crucial step in the game. This is achieved with the aid of web cameras that used to be very large, but with the advent in technology, modern cameras are smaller and do a better job of capturing the main aspect of live dealer games.

Wheel and Table

Many of the games you’ll be able to play at live casinos are variants of classic table games. That’s why the table is another main component of Live Dealer Casinos gaming experience. Since roulette is also a very popular game among players, its live casino models have a wheel that is an exact replica of those you are used to seeing at land-based casinos. Both tables and wheels are fitted with sensors that help translate the outcomes of each round into data that can be accessed by casino patrons.

Game Control Unit

This machine is about the size of a shoebox, but it’s so critical that there wouldn’t be any live casino games if there wasn’t a Game Control Device.


Another critical aspect of a live casino is the camera. It allows dealers and players to keep track of the game. Dealers use the console to see how many players have entered the game and to watch the bets they have made. Online players, on the other hand, can use the console to see when they can put bets on the table and when they are finished.

Live Dealers

It’s the live dealer who makes the game incredibly practical and enjoyable. Using real people as dealers are what improves the realism of a game. This way players feel like they’re putting their money on a real land-based casino. Thanks to innovative interactive casino technologies, participants have the ability to track every move of a live dealer. This way, players will be confident that the game is fair and that every aspect of the game is played in compliance with the rules. More and more live casinos offer various casino games and employ live dealers that speak foreign languages. This way, different players will experience their favourite games in their native tongue.


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