Money: The Most Important Relationship to Fix to Be Professionally Happy


In life, we need to have good quality relationships in order to gain any substantial meaning from them. Whether you are running a business or doing your best to nurture a friendship, relationships are crucial. But when you throw money into the mix, this is when things can get tricky. Money is the ultimate goal, but we need to remember that money isn’t everything. But when we are suffering from debt or struggling to keep our business afloat, we have to put certain components in place to guarantee success. But before all this, you need to fix your personal relationship with money. And how can we do this?


As our lives change, we have to choose priorities in life. When you consider your value system, such as if you prioritise money over everything else, is this going to damage your relationships in other aspects of your life? There are so many business people out there that are driven by profit that they ignore the needs of their employees, consciously or unconsciously. And this is where we have to look at fixing our own values. This means that we may have to look at our debt system. While there are systems out there like the Debt to Success System (DTSS) and if you’re wondering is DTSS legit? It is one of those systems that can open your eyes to the wider world. It’s not just about the finances, but something like this can throw up so many pertinent points that we can’t help but address our attitudes towards money. Prioritise it, but don’t let it take over your life.

Stop Using It for Manipulation Purposes

The very nature of doing business relies on money as the most vital commodity. And with money comes the balance of power. But when you start to think about the things that you really care about in life, does money really factor into it? Or to rephrase it better; should money factor into it? When you love someone, would you manipulate someone into doing something to get you money? As soon as you start to remove the ideas of power with regards to your money thoughts, it makes for more clarity in life.

Relationships and Passion Will Bring the Answer

Whether we are setting up a side hustle or we are looking to forge a life for ourselves, when we have more control when we place an onus more on money rather than how we feel at the end of the day, this can throw things out of balance. When we start to put our passions into a project, this may require a lot of effort on our part, but the results we get out of it will be worth it, financial or not. When people are looking to make a living from doing something they love there comes a point where they have to address their own passions towards the project. Once you start to address your own relationships with a certain type of work, you can ask yourself if you are happy to do it without earning money at the outset. Naturally, we all need to make a living but money is a commodity used for trade rather than the route of happiness. This is why you have to fix your relationship with it.


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