New Build Developments: Property Marketing Advice


The importance of marketing is often overlooked in the real estate sector, despite the impact that this can have in selling and promoting brand new developments.

This is reflected by numerous statistics, which underline the importance of imagery and text when selling real estate to potential buyers. For example, listings with sharp and attractive images sell at the list price or above 44% of the time, which is considerably higher than those without.

In this post, we’ll explore this concept further while providing the best property marketing advice for new developments.

  1. Bring Developments to Life with CGI

While clean and high-definition images can prove crucial in real estate marketing, often these aren’t enough to engage buyers in a competitive market. However, this may not be possible with new developments, where there’s a pressing need to sell units before they’ve been fully realised – in other words, you can’t take a picture of a property that doesn’t exist yet.

This is where computer-generated imagery (CGI) can come into play, as this can be used to create new images or rendered pictures of how a development will look in the future.

The main advantage of this is that it allows buyers to visualise the development in fine and accurate detail, creating a scenario where they’re ultimately encouraged to make a more informed and confident purchasing decision.

In the modern age, CGI should serve as the starting point for all new build marketing, based on existing architectural plans and a clear aspirational vision.

2. Make the Physical Site Dominant and Hard to Miss

When marketing your development, it’s also important that potential buyers are aware of the physical site and the stage that the work is at.

This also helps them to build a connection between the development and your brand, potentially creating an organic marketing channel through which buyers can contact you.

To achieve this, you’ll need to invest in durable and prominent signage, which can simultaneously thrive in outdoor elements and target passing traffic effectively. Aluminium and magnetic signs are great in these respects, while correx signage is also available in sizes ranging from A4 to A0.

This highlights the need to create an integrated marketing approach, and one that targets customers through various different means.

3. Produce a Development Brochure

With this point in mind, the next step is to produce a development brochure, which should be stylish, well-designed and capable or helping to convert interested parties into certified buyers.

This can help with the conversion process and increase the number of sales over time, by combining high-quality imagery and detailed floor plans with active text that sells an aspirational lifestyle.

This can also feature CGI and maps of the location and the surrounding amenities, creating a comprehensive guide that’s both informative and persuasive in equal measure.

With the right distribution, this can create a great and insightful marketing tool, and one that has an impact at the most important stage of the consumer journey.


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