Reasons To Choose A Laminate Floor


If you are looking to decorate, redecorate or modernise your home or office and you are looking for new floor covering, there are several options available to you. These include traditional carpet, hardwood, lino, tile and possibly the most versatile floor covering, laminate. Laminate is a great low maintenance all-rounder and can be used in all rooms and spaces. Here are just a few reasons what you should choose a laminate floor.


One major benefit of laminate is that it is more durable than its counterparts. This makes it a great choice if you are looking to cover a heavy traffic area. This includes hallways, kitchens, office spaces etc. Laminate flooring is much stronger and less easy to scratch than hardwood flooring options. Therefore, high heels, kids, and even animals will not be able to mark it as easily, Therefore ensuring it lasts longer. This is because it has a tough external layer and is coated in resin, making it extremely hardwearing. 


Laminate flooring is often less expensive than other flooring options. This does depend on the quality you opt for of course. Therefore if you like to redecorate frequently as fashions change, depending on your budget, laminate may allow you to do so. However, as it is so hardwearing and durable, compared to other floor coverings, especially carpet, if you are decorating on a budget, you probably will not have to replace it as quickly. This, in turn, is likely to save you money in the future too.


Laminate is also easy to install. The majority of laminate floor options do not require glue and instead use the Uniclic, or similar, system. As this mess-free system makes installation easy, many people choose to install their laminate floor themselves. This is, of course, the more cost-effective option. However, if DIY is not your thing. not to worry, you can hire a professional to do it for you. Many of which offer a guarantee for the work they carry out should you have an issue at a later date with regards to the installation. 


As mentioned, laminate flooring is extremely low maintenance. Many laminate flooring options have a stain, fade and moisture-resistant coating. This ensures that if something does get spilt, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe it away quickly and easily. Therefore again making it a great option if you have children and/or animals. As laminate does not require waxing or varnishing as hardwood does, it means you can clean it as frequently as you like without taking the top layer off and then having to reseal it.


One of the major reasons so many people opt for a laminate floor is because of the range of styles available. There is an option to suit everyone’s taste. Many laminate floors are even designed not to look like laminate. Therefore if you would prefer a hardwood or stone floor but simply do not have the budget for one, laminate is a great option. Also, there are numerous colours available. This means you are more than likely going to find the perfect shade to fit in with your colour scheme. 


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