Fun Upcycling Ideas To Combat Waste


Consumerism has given rise to a massive problem of waste. Single use plastic, food wrappers, packaging, paper wipes, empty bottles and everything else we throw away ends up in landfills and keep piling up. At the rate humans are producing waste, it is not long before the planet runs out of space and thus, reducing waste production is the only way to go. If you are someone who goes around picking up thrown away furniture, wooden custom boxes, bottles etc, here are some fun upcycling ideas to transform trash to treasure.

Bags Out Of Plastic

However much you take the conscious decision of reducing packaging, there will be times when you simply can’t avoid a plastic packet. But instead of throwing them away, you can easily upcycle them and put them to good use. Collect and clean all your polythene bags, wrappers and other forms of plastic, even torn ones work. Lay them out flat and using a hot iron melt and mould them into a sheet of plastic. If needed layer up sheets for better reinforcement. This can be shaped into a sturdy shopping bag, waterproofing linings, packing etc.

Crates For Storage, Display And Seating

Discarded wooden crates are practically treasures as they can be put to many different kinds of uses. You can make the best of odd spaces such as under the bed and random nook by simply sticking a crate and storing things in it. It can keep your things sorted and thus, make it easier to find when needed. With a little basic carpentering skills you can convert multiple crates into a nice wardrobe for storage, a display unit for plants and such or even an affordable couch. If you do not want to put in the work, simply throw a cushion over it and use as a single-seater. Simply by adding some old fabric, these can be converted into pet beds for stray animals to take refuge in.

Bottles As Décor

While used bottles can be used to store drinking water, not all discarded bottles might be the safest for storing consumables. However you can put them to use in several ways. You can easily cut plastic bottles up, poke little holes and use them as planters or propagating pots for your garden. Smaller bottles, be it plastic or glass can be used to decorate. Throw in some pretty string lights o a candle and you have a beautiful light. These can also be painted, cut or decorated and made into pretty pieces to make your place look nicer and they also serve as great handmade gifts.

Scraps for art

Scraps of clothes, metals, single use cutlery and even electronic wastes such as chips and circuits, cables, wires etc can be repurposed into Halloween or Christmas decorations, stunning art pieces around your home, quirky gifts or even as art installations left outside for passers by to admire. You can use your old clothes to create fascinating patchwork rugs, bags, scarves and other pieces of clothing or décor.

With a little imagination and work you can put every bit of non-biodegradable item into use and thus, effectively reduce the amount of waste that we leave out. Every little bit of effort goes a long way in better waste management and a cleaner planet


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