How does Offshore Wind energy work?

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Why do we want wind energy from the sea

Wind energy will play a major role for the world in the future. Because wind energy is a lot better for the environment than Fossil fuel. To arouse wind energy there are few things necessary. First of all you need a lot windmills but first they  have to be built that takes a lot of time after that they need to be transported to sea that will also take some time. For a windmill park you need of space and other people or other facilities should not be bother by it. Another good thing for windmills on the sea is that on the sea a lot wind is, how more wind there is how more energy the windmills will make.

Wind turbines how they are made?

  • Tower: The tower is made of an steel tube with a inner ladder there in because you can climb via that ladder to top of windmill. There is a cabine with the main system in it. The tower is with pile driving and a pile drive hammer put in the ground.
  • Rotor and rotor blades: The rotor and the rotor blades are very important for the windmills because via these things they generate energy
  • Nacelle with drive train: The nacelle with drive train. Keep the windmill always producing wind energy because the nacelle with drive train take care that windmill will follow the wind for example the wind direction changed from north-west to south-west the drive train will ensure that windmill also change to the new wind direction.
  • Electronic equipment: The windmill consist of a little electric system for the sensors in the windmill because than knows the windmill where the wind is coming from. With these sensors you can also measure the wind speed and the temperature of the wind.

Offshore wind farm installation

Creating an offshore wind farm can be a challenging job. Few parties have the necessary materials and the experience to install offshore wind farms. Several parties are involved in the installation of an offshore wind farm and they need to work together. Usually XL monopiles are used for the installation of wind farms.  In some cases up to 12 meters long. The monopile is the foundation of the offshore wind farm and is a crucial component. The monopiles are placed in the sea and form the foundation of the wind farms. The entire platform rests on these piles. 

The complexity of the installation means that it is often a multi-year trajectory. Once the installation has been completed, it is possible to work on renewable energy sources that reduce the cost of energy consumption and use renewable energy.


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