How to choose a good loft ladder?


Choosing the right loft ladder is extremely important. It should be solid and durable so that you can safely get to the top floor of the house. How to choose the right loft ladder?

Some investors decide to put cheap wooden stairs or standard ladders in their homes to get to the attic. However, such a solution is not particularly safe. It is worth investing in a solid loft ladder, which will ensure proper comfort of use and safety.

Loft ladders – which material to choose?

Choosing the right loft ladders depends mainly on the frequency of use. Both metal and wooden loft ladders are available on the market, and the choice depends on individual preferences. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Metal stairs are much more popular and are characterized by greater stability and strength. However, if you plan to enter the attic occasionally, a wooden loft ladder will be a sufficient option. 

Size of the loft ladder

One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when buying a loft ladder is to choose the right size. First, check precisely how big the area under the stairs is. This will significantly simplify the selection of a loft ladder. You also have to decide whether you need a three- or four-section loft ladder. Pay attention also to the difficulty of installation. Choose loft ladders of the highest quality construction ‒ thanks to that the installation will not be complicated or particularly expensive. 

Additional features of the loft ladder – choose wisely!

When choosing a loft ladder, opt for safe models that feature non-slip steps and mortise locks. This will ensure that your loft ladder will be stable and properly secured until the lock is released. It is best to opt for a loft ladder with a factory-assembled handrail, which helps when climbing and descending from the attic and minimizes the risk of an unfortunate fall. Many people do not take energy efficiency into account when choosing a loft ladder. However, this is very important because, as research shows, as much as 25% of heat loss in the house is related to the attic. Therefore, on the market search for a loft ladder with high energy efficiency, which will reduce the costs associated with heating the house.

Loft ladders ‒ summary

Choosing the right loft ladder is not an easy task. It all depends on your individual preferences, and the type of building you live in. If you follow our instructions regarding the choice of a loft ladder, you will certainly find a good and safe solution that will serve in your house for many years. When choosing a loft ladder, pay attention to the way it opens and check if it is insulated to limit the loss of heat from the house.


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