Construction is one of the many industries in the UK where traditional methods have been gradually replaced by more digital alternatives. With many reluctant to switch from pen to paper to digital apps, we want to explore which apps are actually worth trying, and could make your work life easier.

Many people still prefer to work the ‘old fashioned way’, however taking advantage of apps can be a great way to decrease workload and increase productivity. 

Here are some of the advantages of using apps in the construction industry:

Read our reviews of the best construction apps below to find out how.

The Best Apps for The Construction Industry:

This construction project management app is cloud-based, meaning it allows you to access and update your projects on the go when offline. Procore can be used to create specifications, RFIs, logs, timecards, update drawings and lots more! It’s camera function means that you can also add photos to your records. All of this is accessible from your mobile device. 

Advantages: Procore is super simple and easy to use on the go, both online and offline. What’s more, this construction app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play!

This is an Android app which acts as a free construction calculator, and is perfect for calculating the quantity of materials for your project. Many Project Managers use this mobile app to calculate flooring, paints, bricks, and lumber, quickly and accurately. You can use this app to calculate just about anything!

Advantages: This construction calculator is versatile and simple to use even offline! Perfect for when you’re on site with limited internet access. 

Fieldwire is a task management app specially designed for the construction industry. This is a great app that can be used by contractors and field workers to share drawings, blue prints, and other tasks whilst on site, all from their mobile device! This app also has the ability to create email or app notifications to alert staff of new tasks and updates. 

Advantages: This construction app works on both Android and Apple devices, and can be used remotely! 

This app is a cloud-based reporting tool that allows teams to collaborate and track a project. Autodesk BIM 360 has the ability to track quality management, building information management (BIM), commissioning, and safety, making it ideal for Project Managers. 

Advantages: Pushpin markers can be used to mark locations and add notes. This app is available on both Apple and Android devices. 

This construction app is a very popular choice for many in the industry. The DEWALT Mobile Pro app offers a reference tool and full-scale construction calculation abilities. In addition to the standard calculators, there are nine additional add-ons to suit every need. 

Advantages: This app allows you to easily store and share your calculations meaning no more losing lists or notepads! 

The Plan Grid app offers an excellent alternative to endless paper blueprints, cutting down on printing costs and making your processes more environmentally friendly! This is a collaborative tool, meaning you can view and share notes, drawings and blueprints with others.

Advantages: This is a free app that can be downloaded from both Itunes and Google Play. 

Disadvantages: This app requires an internet connection in order to sync data.

This calculator app is specially designed for creating accurate construction calculations. It allows you to calculate percentages, areas, volumes and perform currency and unit conversions. 

Advantages: This is a free app for Android Devices and includes over 75 calculators and unit converters! 

Disadvantages : This app is not available on Apple devices. There are also ads within the app, however these are not too invasive. 

Canvas can be used to fill out forms, audits, estimates and orders, and is a highly recommended reporting app for contractors. As this can all be done on your mobile, this negates the need for paper files and folders. Documents can be created and easily converted to PDFs to be shared. 

Advantages: Canvas has an excellent reputation for its customer service. It is also compatible with most devices. 

Using construction management apps is a revolutionary way to manage your projects more effectively, and increase communication and productivity across your teams. These apps decrease the reliance on 3rd party knowledge by being user friendly and thorough in their calculations. In an industry where time is always of the essence, using construction apps decreases the amount of time spent on jobs, in turn increasing your profitability

These digital methods also reduce the need for paperwork, or any communication errors encountered previously, as all of the information is safely shared with all team members. 

For a more simple, smooth and profitable construction project, why not try some of the apps above and see how it helps your team?

This article was written by Capital NDT Inspection Services, a UK-based non-destructive inspection service for the construction industry and more.