Build back greener, not just better


Euramax demonstrates how modular construction can help the country build back greener

Following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement of £350 million in funding to help cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in industry, construction and transport, Yorkshire based windows and doors manufacturer Euramax explains how modular construction could help the country build back greener, as well as better.

The funding, part of the “Build Back Better” campaign, is designed to help combat CO2 emissions and restore the economy’s position following the COVID-19 pandemic. Investments include support for materials innovation, including research into steel sustainability, and £26 million to support advanced building techniques.

As well as boosting the construction industry’s productivity, it’s vital that the government’s funding positively impacts its environmental status.

Currently, 39 per cent of global CO2 emissions are attributed to building and construction. Broken down, 28 per cent comes from the energy used to heat, cool and light buildings, while the remaining eleven per cent is from the materials and construction processes used. Just under half of the £350 million investment is being used to fund the use of innovative materials to cut emissions in the sector.

Modular construction, the process of manufacturing parts of a building, known as modules, offsite and transporting them to site for assembly will significantly support all of the environmental focuses outlined by the government.

“Apart from being cheaper and quicker to build, modular construction methods also have less environmental impact compared to traditionally constructed buildings”, said Nick Cowley, managing director at Euramax. “As modular builds can be completed 50 per cent faster, fewer resources are required, which also produces 90 per cent less waste.

“Although glass, steel and concrete are fundamental materials in building and construction, their production is highly energy intensive, whereas 94 per cent of the materials used to construct a modular build are recyclable. All of these benefits point to a solution that is less harmful to the environment, further supporting the reduction of emissions across the sector”, added Cowley.

Euramax, which supplies its windows and doors to a number of modular construction projects, has formed close relationships with modular home manufacturers Ilke Homes, for which Euramax is supplying the windows and doors for over 2,000 of its modular homes.

Modular builds are also environmentally friendlier to run because they are incredibly airtight. Energy efficiency is crucial in modular builds, and our products, which are rated A for their energy efficiency by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC), are perfect modular components. Higher energy efficiency means less power is required to heat a build, which could reduce overall emissions of the built environment.”

“To “build back better”, we must actively do as much to build back greener, and investing in modular construction for this purpose is certainly a step in the right direction”.

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